Just self-attest for certificates

Starting December 1, affidavits and notaryattested documents will not be necessary for many Delhi government services. Certificates of caste, domicile, income, disability , etc will be issued promptly , the government claims. For instance, certificates with a 60-day waiting time will now be delivered online within two weeks.

While the government will accept self-attested documents, those making false declarations will be punished severely . The government wants the offence made cognizable (an accused will be arrested). The format for self-attestation will be notified after the cabinet approves it.

“The government will table the proposal for the new timelines and the self-declaration process in the next cabinet meeting,“ Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday , adding that strict provisions will be introduced in the law to punish those who give false information in their applications.sefl attested

The proposed amendments will be tabled in the assembly in the winter session that starts on Wednesday , November 18. Through the proposed amendments, the government wants to increase the jail term for false declaration beyond the present limit of six months and the fine to more than Rs 1,000. A senior officer said the Delhi government will propose amendments in sections 177 and 199 of IPC. The subject is on the concurrent list for lawmaking, so the state government can introduce amend ments to make false declaration a cognizable offense in Delhi, he added.

The 12 certificates issued through the online e-district platform without affidavits and field verifications include those for OBC, SCST, do micile, disability , income solvency , surviving, death or der, marriage registration, birth order and lal dora. Only verifications that are necessary or required mandatorily will be carried out. self attested

Kejriwal cited an example to reinforce the point. “At present, for getting an OBC certificate, an applicant has to give proof of verification in Delhi, but from December 1, no proof will be required if a certificate has been issued to any relative from the parental side.“

Kejriwal highlighted the procedures for getting SC and OBC certificates in which no attestation from any gazetted officer or MP MLA will be required. Instead, self-attestation will be enough.

On how the government will check fraud and fake certificate rackets in the online system, Kejriwal said, “The data will be available online and will be accessible by the public to challenge and question. Also, since the onus is on the applicant, unlike earlier, people will know that, if caught, they alone are accountable.“

He pointed out that by weeding out affidavits and field checks, which are often an eyewash and a source of corruption, the government is attempting to create a cleaner system through self-declaration where the form clearly tells the applicant the responsibility they are taking up.

The government has also proposed to reduce the delivery period for these 12 services. At present, there is a 60day wait for OBC certificates and SC certificates, but the government has proposed to introduce a 14-day timeline for these services.

No Affidavits Or Field Checks For 12 Types Of Certificates; Delivery Time Cut To 14 Days

For birth and death orders, the duration will also be reduced from the existing 30 days to 14 days. The new duration for domicile certificates will be 14 days. Similarly, the government will change the waiting time for income certificates from 21 days to 14 days. The government has also decided to issue lal dora certificates within two weeks.

Source: TOI 15 Nov’2015