iPad Pro- 9.7-INCH Super Computer

iPad Pro is more than the next generation of iPad — it’s an uncompromising vision of personal computing for the modern world. It puts incredible power that leaps past most portable PCs at your fingertips. It makes even complex work as natural as touching, swiping, or writing with a pencil. And whether you choose the 12.9-inch model or the new 9.7-inch model, iPad Pro is more capable, versatile, and portable than anything that’s come before. In a word, super.

9.7-inch iPad

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro display uses the same color space as the digital cinema industry. This wider color gamut gives iPad Pro up to 25 percent greater color saturation than previous iPad models. So colors are more vivid, true to life, and engaging. People love using iPad everywhere. That’s why the new 9.7‑inch iPad Pro has a True Tone display. It uses advanced four-channel ambient light sensors to automatically adapt the color and intensity of the display to match the light in your environment. Which means reading is more natural and comfortable — almost like looking at a sheet of paper.

The key to the iPad experience is the display. It’s how you interact using Multi-Touch, and how you view content in spectacular detail. So we created our most vivid Retina display ever. The 12.9‑inch iPad Pro has the highest resolution of any iOS device. And the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro screen — our most advanced display — is the brightest and least reflective in the world.

high-fidelity speaker

With a high-fidelity speaker in each corner, iPad Pro creates a rich, wide, and detailed soundstage. It automatically adjusts the orientation of the high frequencies to the topmost speakers, no matter how you’re holding it. So whether you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you — and your ears — will be completely immersed.

If “Free Wi-Fi“ is an important part of your hotel booking, you’re probably the sort that travels with a whole bunch of devices to stay connected. But if you’re going on a holiday , or perhaps a short business trip, you might want to consider the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro as your travel companion of choice. Why?

weighing under 450g

Well, weighing under 450g, this newest Apple slate is the lightest and slimmest tablet there is (so it won’t add too much to your luggage), but it still manages to pack in some serious hardware.Purring under its hood is Apple’s proprietary 64-bit A9X chip and M9 coprocessor that can handle practically any productivity or entertainment task you toss at it, including the editing of multiple 4K video streams simultaneously . ipad pro

The four speakers on the device are capable of balanced sound, with solid bass, while its 12MP rear camera is also capable of shooting 4K videos. Up front, you get a 5MP camera that works well for FaceTime and Skype video chats, as well as a 2048×1536-pixel (QXGA) touchscreen display for crisp text and vibrant graphics. Then, of course, the iPad is known for its fantastic mix of apps and entertainment, whether its games, music, movies, or even productivity suites such as Microsoft’s Office 365.

The 64-bit A9X

The 64-bit A9X chip gives iPad Pro the power to easily take on tasks once reserved for workstations and PCs. Not to mention tasks you’d never consider doing on a PC. Despite this barrier-breaking performance, the A9X chip’s efficient architecture enables up to 10 hours of battery life.

Add the Apple Pencil (`8,600) to the mix, and you get a device with seamless stylus support, whether it’s for jotting down notes, annotating presentations, or even sketching your scenic holiday surroundings.

Over and above that, Apple’s Smart Keyboard (`13,900) adds a whole new level of utility to the tablet.It attaches to the device firmly via magnetic connectors.After which, you can format text, touch type when working on documents and e-mails, and even use keyboard shortcuts like you would on a laptop. The keyboard is waterand stain-resistant, and is designed to provide a solid base to the tablet. This means you can use the iPad ProSmart Keyboard combination just like a laptop: On a table top, or even your lap without worrying about it keeling over or getting detached. When not in use, the keyboard doubles up as a cover for the iPad’s screen.

It definitely does not hurt that the Pro comes with preinstalled apps like Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, Keynote for presentations, iMovie for video editing, and GarageBand for music composition.

Simply , it’s a device that the kids can use for entertainment, and something you can use for productivity ­ all while giving you nearly 10 hours of work and or play on a single charge.

Indeed, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro something you could ditch your laptop for on those short business trips, especially when you need to travel light with just an overnight bag.