1. How did you get the idea/ concept for your business?

Ans: Business gives a freedom to reach up to zenith. No restrictions and I can explore end number of ideas.

  1. How did you make your first sale?

Ans: I just told  how my product can enhance the standard of living.

  1. What made you chose your location?

Ans: I decided who can be the end user of my product and which locality accommodates such residents.

  1. What is unique about your business?

Ans: It is always simple to use and delivering the new concept

  1. What is your responsibility as an entrepreneur?

Ans: Satisfaction of end user and actual value of money for them is to be delivered.

  1. What made you chose the type of business?

Ans: I decided my business considering which product is being frequently marketed and regularly used

  1. Does your company help the community where it is located?

Ans: Yes, we are having corporate social responsibility segment with us

  1. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Ans: Always think about the end users who are finally going to use that product

  1. How do you advertise your business?

Ans: I will choose  the potential user locality and then effective medium of communication in that particular locality and user group

10.What do you look for in an employee?

Ans: Understanding and responsibility towards his work is enough to be a perfect employee

11.Have you considered any alliance or partnership?

Ans: Yes, I wish tao have a technical alliance to introduce new dimensions in customer satisfaction

12.What risks do you face?

Ans: Being new in concept, it is always risky for me to penetrate in the market

 13.What was unexpected in the business?

Ans: Sudden change in choice of consumable goods

14.What did you learn from your business?

Ans: Be loyal on your business commitment

15.What failures did you come across?

Ans: I failed in making proper arrangement of stock and inventory

16.Are there big personalities associated to your services?

Ans: No, I use to deal with mass people

17.What have been the changes in your motivation when you first started and now?

Ans: At starting I was sticky on theories but now I am approaching practically

18.What would have you been doing if you were not here for an interview?

Ans: Naturally, continued to be working on my business project

19.How much does being an entrepreneur effects your personal life?

Ans: Most of the time I remain busy at my work and having no time at all for my personal assignments

20.What is your greatest achievement as an entrepreneur?

Ans: I introduced a new concept in market for a common man it got accepted

21.Besides money what are your favourite ways to compensate people?

Ans: Valued future relations

22.Why would a costumer come to you again?

Ans: Only due to satisfactory service provided by me

23.How much asset-liability ratio do you maintain?

Ans: I believe it should be around 75:25

24.Have you ever turned down a potential costumer?

Ans:Well, I never felt such case.

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