How to Stop a WhatsApps Message Sent to Wrong Person

Sometimes we send a message on WhatsApp to a wrong person. And sometime, so is the case that the person is right but the message is wrong! Can you pull such a message back?

The question is, can you stop a WhatsApp message after you’ve sent it. Is there a way to delete and recall a WhatsApp message?

The answer is both yes and no!

So, if your message is still showing a clock icon in the bottom-right corner, and you realize that you did not want to send that message –you’re in luck! You should immediately turn off mobile Internet connection on your smartphone. This will block the channel and message will remain in your mobile. Then delete the message from WhatsApp before connecting to the Internet again.revert back whatsapp message

But this method is mostly useless! You’ll have long enough time frame to turn off Internet only if your Internet connection is slow. So, if you’re from a place where Internet speed is sluggish, you may have a few seconds to decide and switch off network.

In most cases, however, WhatsApp message travels at a very fast speed. It will not give you enough time to realize and react. As soon as the message leaves your mobile and reaches WhatsApp server, the clock icon will change into single tick sign. And once the clock icon is gone, there is no way to hold your message back. It will reach the recipient as and when her mobile device will connect to the Internet.

A few of my readers have suggested a way to stop a WhatsApp message before it gets delivered. I have not tested this method but it sound pretty logical. If you block the recipient contact before you get double tick icon, it may be possible that the WhatsApp Server will not deliver the message. WhatsApp server keeps undelivered messages on its server for about 30 days. Therefore, if you unblock the person before 30 days, the stopped message may go ahead and get delivered. So, do not unblock before 30 days!