How To Flatten Stomach: 6 Easy Tips To Lose Belly Fat

1)Add Fiber To Your Diet

Daily Recommended Fiber Intake
Men(younger than 50) 38 grams
Men(older than 50) 30 grams

Women(younger than 50) 25 grams
Women(older than 50) 21 grams

There are 3 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of protein and tons of vitamins in 100G of Broccoli. Ideally, if you can add some type of green vegetable to every meal you eat, you will be well over the recommended amount. What fiber does for you is that it makes it harder for your body to digest the food. What this means is that your body requires more energy to digest and your metabolism increases. The side effect is that you might go to the bathroom more often (but this is a good thing!).

2)Forget The Elevator, Take The Stairs!

 A side benefit to this is that if you are walking up the stairs to reach your work or your classroom, this can seriously wake you up. If you do this three times a day and depending on how many steps there are, you can burn from 100 to 300 calories a day! The burning calories part is only icing on the cake. What this really does is boost your heart rate and metabolism a bit higher so that your body is burning more calories when all you are doing is sitting on your butt typing or studying all day from 9-5.

3)Cut out juice drinks/soda/anything sweet

 Stop drinking sodas, juice, red bull and whatever else that tastes good (sorry). A can of soda or juice contains about 30 grams of sugar (enough to spike your insulin). When your insulin spikes, your body will want to pack on more fat and makes you want to go to sleep. Also, don’t forget that refined sugar readily gets stored as fat so please, stay away from it!

4)Add weights

 This is a tip that we write in every single article because nobody seems to do it. Whether you want rock hard six pack abs or a toned stomach, combining weights with cardio is the ONLY way. Have you seen the people who are on the treadmill 7 days a week? yes, they are skinny but if they went to the beach, you can see that they are not toned or cut (cardio can only get you so far). In order to get solid, you HAVE to add in weight lifting.


 The age old argument: are fruits good or bad for fat loss? Fruits are good and bad. If you are just starting out, definitely substitute fruits for other sweets such as candy bars and cake. On the other hand, if you have lost tons of fat but you are currently stuck at a weight loss plateau, cut out the fruits.

Why Cut Out Fruits?

Yes fruits contain tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber but they also contain sugar. Now, some might argue that this sugar is fructose and is better compared to refined sugar but nonetheless, it is still sugar. Don’t take our word for it, test it out yourself! If you stopped losing fat and need to change something, try substituting fruits out and see if it works.

The best time to eat fruits

Again, in our point of view, the best time to eat fruits is either in the morning or directly after working out. In the morning because your body needs a jumpstart and fruits will definitely do the trick. Directly after workout because your body is craving for nutrients and having a serving of fruits with some protein will drive the nutrients into your body.

6)Shots Instead Of Beer

 This is for the party people out there who drink on the weekends. Honestly, if you drink, it will be really hard to flatten your stomach. BUT if you absolutely cannot shake off the bad habit, it is better to take shots instead of beer. Why? basically because you will be drunk faster. A shot of hard liquor has a tiny bit less calories compared to beer but the main difference is you will have less shots of hard liquor compared to the bottles and bottles of beer.

7)Bonus : Leg Lifts To Flatten Your Stomach

Leg lifts are an awesome way to tone your abs if done correctly. Remember to pull up with your abs and butt instead of swinging your weight. We found a good video on youtube teaching you how to do leg lifts. A good tip is to have something soft under your lower back such as a mat or a thick towel.