The hidden threats to fertility

You need to take concern over your health to become a prospective father since lifestyle very much affects your potency. Once you are aware of the hidden threats that affect your fertility, it is easy to avoid them and you can take enough precaution against the problems that are facing against you. Here is a list of problems that could affect your potency.

Beware of heat

Testicles need to remain cool to produce the best quality sperm and it is ideal to have 34.5 to 36 degree Celsius; that is 1 to 2.5 degrees cooler than normal body temperature. You are in high risk group if you are working in a hot environment or if you are sitting in a particular place for a long period of time and it will lead to an increase in testicular temperature which in turn result in diminishing semen quality or sperm count. Driving for a long time and using your laptop in your lap also is found to have resulted in increased scrotal temperature. A recent study has revealed that electric blankets and heated waterbeds create more problems to your potency than Jacuzzis and hot baths.

A small study in the Netherlands had shown that the men who were wearing loose fitting boxer shorts than tight fitting briefs have healthy sperm than others. However, some other studies showed that there is no marked difference in men who were wearing boxer shorts and briefs since both the underwear will increase the scrotal temperature in comparison with wearing no underwear at all. However, more studies are needed to assess this before you tempt to go with any unusual decision.

Narrow bike seats

Cycling is supposed to be a good exercise but you need to take care of it if you are using it for quite a long time. The University Of Southern California School Of Medicine, in a study, had found that the steady pressure of the narrow seat of the bike on the groin area can damage nerves and arteries in the area and it could ultimately result in erectile dysfunction. It is interesting to note that the study recommends cycling for less than three hours and it will improve the potency but if you are doing it for more than three hours, then it will seriously affect you and you may be faced with erectile problems.

Having said this, do not think that cycles should be avoided since there are so many health benefits from leading a healthy lifestyle, and regular cycling will improve your heart and lungs. Cycling will not make you impotent, but inactivity may lead you to it. To avoid problems relating to cycle, you need to adjust the seat while riding for a long time. If you can use a wider, padded seat, it will spread the load and your testicles will be at ease. If you feel any irritating thing while riding, like numbness, you can consult your doctor.

Monitor your BMI

A study in Denmark found that men who are too lean and too fatty have a reduced sperm count and sperm concentration. It will be a great idea to keep your Body Mass Index


For some men, stress affects the sperm count in a negative way. However, the Danish First Pregnancy Planner Study Team in their two studies published in 2004 found that job strain did not affect much on male fertility and sperm count, but it certainly has affected the ones who already had a low sperm count. In general, stress is shown to have some sort of an effect on the quality of sperm of men in couples undergoing IVF. Even if you lose a close family member, you may experience some problem with your sperm count and the only thing you can do is to keep away from things that create stress in you.

Medications that affect fertility

Some medicines that are used for the treatment of ulcerative colitis and the long term use of androgen injections and the use of antibiotics over a long period will result in low sperm count. Usually, the problem will persist only for three months after the use of the medicines, but in medications such beta-blockers and psychotropic drugs, it may result in impotence. You have to ask your doctor about the sexual side effects of the medicines before you starting and stopping any of the medicines. You are advised to take some drugs because of the situation you are in and the only person who can help you in the situation is your doctor.

men fertilityX-rays and chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment may result in the complete absence of sperm and it may also remain as a permanent condition for the patient. So before beginning chemotherapy, all men of reproductive age are advised to collect several semen samples in a semen bank. The same is applied to young men and adolescents who may not have thought of a family yet. X-rays do not have the effect of chemotherapy, but a study in 1997 revealed an association between the father’s exposure to x-rays and the downward trend in fetal growth and birth weight. However, more studies are needed before making any conclusion on the effect of x-rays and fertility.

Injury to genitals

An injury to your wedding tackle could effectively blur your chances to produce sperm or even to ejaculate. The studies of a French team on 40 scrotal injuries report the causes of the problem as follows: 19 instances of road traffic accidents, accident during sports in seven cases, accident at work in seven cases, aggression in six cases and a brawl in one case. So you need to be vigilant all the time and have to:

1.Drive carefully

2.Take care at work

3.Stay out from fights

4.Use protective cloths if you want to play in contact sports


It is a general truth that smoking is a killer and the multifaceted side effects of it. If you smoke regularly, it will result in a low sperm count and even passive smoking can be of great danger to you. Your partner may take a bit longer to become pregnant and if both of you are smokers, it will adversely affect the unborn child. The child will be at greater health risk, and if you can kick the habit, it will do a world of wonder not only to you but also to the family and the society. If you can work together with your partner, you can easily come out of this habit.

Recreational drugs

The use of marijuana, cocaine, and anabolic steroids will seriously affect the sperm. Each of these drugs is associated with reduced sperm quality and could make you impotent. Recent studies have shown that the regular use of marijuana by the male partner is linked to cot death. If you have already used it and have any worries about the side effects of it, you may contact your doctor for further advice.

Get prepared

Our body needs three months to complete a cycle of sperm production. If you can make some lifestyle changes now, you can come out with improved sperm. In other words, if you can change your lifestyle by having a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and some regular moderate physical activity, you can easily overcome most of the problems with your body. Moreover, it will help you to prepare to become a father both physically and mentally.