Heavy smartphone use makes kids `cross-eyed’

Excessive use of smartphones by kids may cause them to suffer from eye deviation, warn researchers, adding that children must refrain from viewing displays for more than 30 minutes consecutively.

There is a possible relationship between convergent strabismus, a symptom in which a patient’s eye moves inward eventually to become “cross-eyed“, and excessive use of smartphones, researchers from Chonnam National University Hospital, South Korea said.cross-eyed

It is more common among westerners, and usually appe ars before the age of five, Yonhap News reported. Researchers studied 12 patients aged seven to 16.Their daily use of smartphones was four to eight hours.

Nine of the 12 patients were cured after ceasing smartphone use for around two months.

The findings show the link between the condition and smartphone use, the South Korean researchers said.

Users must avoid looking at smartphone screens for more than 30 minutes at a time, and parents should take their children to see a doctor if their eyes seem to be deviated, they said.