Give your skin an at-home bespoke treatment

Want to give your skin an at-home bespoke treatment that skincare professionals swear by? Here are a few simple rituals that you need to follow daily in order to make your skin glow.


These are special lotions called skin softeners that can be applied on your face before you apply the serum. These skin softeners actually help skincare ingredients penetrate deeper into your facial skin.


Dead skin cells on the outer layers of our skin invisibly block pores and lead to skin problems. They also prevent active skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin. This is where acids come in -Alpha Hydroxy Acids or the popular acronym AHAs are essential for your daily skincare. These acids help dissolve dead skin cells. Use a face mask that has AHA.You could also use a cleanser with AHA.


Massaging your face daily helps creams percolate into your facial skin. The gentle pressure and movements of your fingers speeds up microcirculation. This encourages capillaries to carry oxygen to the remotest cells and rejuvenate them.facial-massage

Use a face massage tool or take some face oil and gently massage in a circular motion in the outward and upward directions. Begin from the centre and move outwards.


Wrong layering of products can stop them from functioning optimally. Products ideally should be applied in the order of thickness. Post cleansing, begin with toning. Then use a softening lotion followed by a serum. Next comes the eye cream. Top this with a moisturiser and finally the sunscreen.

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