Give wings to budding leaders

One of the recent surveys on young Indian population says 70 per cent of the young work force will be ruling the corporates in 2025. India has an edge over the other developed countries with respect to a young population. Just imagine a situation of offices, factories and other workplaces filled with a majority of young workers and negligible senior employees who are experienced. There will be a buzz full of action, energy , freedom, creativity and celebration. It is quite natural that the majority takes over the power and controls the work systems. If this is the scenario in 8-10 years from now, it is not out of place to talk about it as the trend is setting in.

Given the above context, the question is should we need to create the young leaders to lead from the front?


Or should we just give way to the young force to take the lead? Generations after generations, we find gaps in thinking, knowledge, bandwidth and therefore, the belief system. I am 54 years, a baby boomer by generation classification. I remember the various stages of my growing up and the relationship with my father: adoring him as my hero at one stage, accommodating his idiosyncrasies at another stage, confronting his views in another stage, sympathising with him at a later stage. My son has started laughing at me in private first and in public later when he reached the age of 10. Observing the Gen X and Gen Z, the question that comes to my mind again is: should they need leadership grooming at all?
When they are naturally evolving with breakthrough ideas and a high degree of confidence, who should be teaching them leadership?
The older generation? How will it be relevant to guide someone to his future when you are not going to exist to be a part of it? Are we not handling our lives better, beyond the anxieties of our parents? Will it be relevant?
Will it be appreciated and seen as valuable? I have serious doubts.young leaders

The thinking has changed. The other day, I heard from a friend of mine that there is a parents’ forum to discuss about their wards who want to take a break after the school.Schools are offering flexi system to their students.The kids of today think big.There is no fear of failure nor is there any insecurity about their future. They live their present fully . Their thoughts are panoramic and out-of-the-world.

All they need is freedom from the self-limiting thoughts of older generations. While the older generation cannot relate with the current context, how can they guide the younger ones who understand it well? The older ones take great efforts to deal with the VUCA world, whereas the younger ones are born in a VUCA environment and, therefore, part of the eco-system. It is ironical.Does it mean the older generation has nothing to offer? No, it doesn’t. They have very valuable things to offer to the younger generation. We can offer them the freedom to decide, encourage them with fresh ideas, learn to see their world and appreciate them, be a sounding board for their ideas and a mirror to reflect their aspirations. We can be empathetic listeners to connect with their hearts, join them in their fun and if possible, get into a reverse mentoring relationship where we treat them as mentors for a mutual learning experience.

Besides this, we need to create opportunities for their health, wealth and happiness.Last but not the least, we must support them at any cost and provide a positive environment for their fertile minds. Share with them, on demand, stories of successes and failures not for imitation, but inference.Remember that like rocket fuel, talent requires just a small spark to express its power and achieve its target.