Gain Health enthusiasts swear by fitness holidays

When it comes to living the life of profes sionals, the rhyme of `Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush’ takes an interesting twist. While most professionals who are seen balancing the rigors of both professional and personal life, are now taking the fitness route while embarking on short trips during weekends. The fitness itinerary looks quite happening with different modules and activities being included. Here’s taking a look at what has got the fitness-savvy people take short duration fitness trips so seriously …


The hectic city life, according to many young professionals, is one of the many reasons that leaves one with minimum time and absolutely no choice to think about a daily fitness regimen. Who makes sure he embarks on frequent fitness trips to nearby areas, “ An actor hardly gets time to sleep for sufficient hours. And when you are doing a full throttle shoot, it leaves you completely drained out to think of regular workouts. So, weekends and short vacations offer a lot of scope to focus on fitness. Breathing exercises and workouts while feeling the whiff of fresh air are important. Plus, focusing on gymming and a workout regimen can be planned better when you get three to five days of free time at a stretch.


For some, nothing works better than relaxing when it comes to attaining a fit mind and body . While there are various ways to relax and unwind, a fitness regimen like yoga is also considered by many professionals as one of the best options. For professionals, it becomes very important to relax after a hectic work schedule. So, unwinding through various breathing exercises and simple exercises will not only help one’s muscles relax, but also enable one rejuvenate better. That’s why relaxation exercises during vacations and weekends wherein there are no work commitments allow me to concentrate on my health better.“


Any physical activity needs an incentive. One is health and the other is passion. It’s this passion that’s letting young professionals take to different fitness routes. Taking from organising weekend cricket or football matches to taking off to beaches to indulge in some beach volleyball sessions and riding through long stretches across the highway , young professionals are seen following their fitness goals passionately . Weekend is the only time when we get ample time to ride a bicycle. One should keep aside a minimum four-five hour time frame to plan a trip on a high-end bicycle because a ride takes about 45-75 minutes depending on one’s fitness level. Plus, working on all the muscles in the body is very important, which usually doesn’t happen on a daily basis.