Be found and booked through your website

3 important actions you can perform to improve this hotel website page ranking :

  1. Focus on your content- use simple, search engine optimized content. Update your website frequently
  2. Adopt a blog strategy
  3. Get linkbacks – Get a range of linkbacks from high and low PR sites/pages, because this looks natural from Google’s perspective

 website booking

So your hotel website is found – but guests are moving on to other sites. Why? 

This means that your “Average Session Duration” on your website pages is low and your bounce ratio could be high. How can you address this? Here are some best practices.

  • Use high resolution photos
  • Let your website tell a story
  • Link To Social media
  • Add a virtual 360 degree tour
  • Add videos

Now guests are on your hotel website and they are trying to make a booking- but there’s no additional drive to make a bookings? Do you have special promotions displayed on your website? You need to. You can even provide promo codes for return guests to increase repeat business.

Just before they make a decision, especially new guests will want to check what people are saying about your hotel. Why let the guest go to a different site? When the guest is on a third party site, chances are they may also make the booking on that site. That’s a lost opportunity for you. Integrate your reviews on to your website, helps guests make a quick purchase decision.