WordPress Floating Sticky Linked Button- CBX Feedback

You might be looking for a Sticky Floating Button for your WordPress Site. Actually if you are trying to find it at Add New Plugin Search option available with your WordPress Admin panel Or trying with google search, you may not reach up to the exact solution. I just found this awesome plugin namely CBX Feedback after trying multiple permutation and combination of keywords. But Yes, I found the thing for which I was actually looking for.

I believe, it happened only due to CBX Feedback plugin developer has not kept a suitable name for this plugin according to features available in it. I came across many times to CBX Feedback plugin but just skipped without installing assuming that it might be a plugin for collecting a feedback or some customized questions.

But it is not so, the plugin has been developed to fulfill the requirement to put a floating sticky button at WordPress Blog or Website  post and pages which supports the responsive platform as well with numerous features like:

  • The most important feature in the CBX Feedback plugin that you can put a floating sticky cbx feedbackclickable button at any place at wordpress website page or a post. You can set the button position by putting the view horizontal and vertical percentage of page.
  • You can select to add or remove on which the floating button needs to be displayed by putting the Page ID Or Post ID.  It means you are not bounded to carry the floating sticky button throughout the website once it has been installed.
  • Amazingly you can pick the Button color and hover color (change of button color on mouse over) from the full range of color selector at the control panel.
  • Plugin option panel offers to select the pre-texted Button text option like: feedback, call back, contact us, request a call back etc.
  • Not limited to pre-text button text, there is also an option to put the customized desired text to display at button.
  • Moreover, you can put any image to replace the button text, i.e. this plugin works well for floating sticky clickable image.
  • The floating sticky button can be linked to any post or page within the wordpress website or any external link which can be either opened in same tab of browser or in a new tab of browser.
  • The CBX Feedback floating text or image button works well on all the internet browsers, means it fully qualifies the cross browser compatibility  test.
  • One Great feature in this feedback is that it can be integrated with any popular form platform or a customized from can be used in lieu of button. Means, the plugin can be easily used as floating stick form plugin.
  • Over and all, the plugin code work above all the div, it does not  disturbs any image or text and moves freely throughout the page.

Thanks to developer. Just enjoy using this plugin.