Fertility Awareness: When are you most fertile

Most couples are trying the more natural methods to either conceive or stay away from pregnancy. Either way, fertility awareness can help you to judge your body’s behavior and help you manage your life better. Proper fertility awareness can help you to estimate your ovulation time most accurately. This judgment, however, needs to be proper in case you are trying to avoid pregnancy. A better way to help you abstaining pregnancy is to use protective measures or avoid sex from the time you first spot the cervical mucus. You need to be careful during the four days following it or till the discharge has changed its consistency from an egg-white form to a more pasty consistency.

When am i most fertile

Apart from finding out one’s ovulation time, fertility awareness lays stress on daily observations with regard to one’s own body system. Not every woman is blessed with a regular menstrual cycle every month, and especially for such ladies, the observation method works better than estimating ovulation times using length of menstrual cycle method.

It is quite a common knowledge that you conceive when the sperms meet the egg released from your ovary. However, many women are falsely led to believe that ovulation takes place on day 14 of their menstrual cycle, and hence, they lay focus on having sex during this period. This inference could lead to you missing out on your opportunity of becoming pregnant due to wrong judgment of ovulation time. For those ladies who are trying to abstain from pregnancy, this could even lead to accidental pregnancy. In any case, using the urine-based ovulation predictor kit would be the most accurate way to find out proper ovulation time. Alternatively, you can use the age-old body indictor method to make this decision.

Your body acts just like a signal on the crossroads. It clearly lets you know when you are ready to conceive and when you are not. It is very important to understand the fine tuning of your body indicators so that you can understand when to have sex and when to take the necessary precautions. This understanding of your body is what fertility awareness actually teaches you.

Once you have finished your menstrual cycle, after some days the body triggers a rise in the estrogen levels. This is when you find an increased discharge of the cervical mucus and a change in the texture of your vaginal discharge. The discharge becomes clear and slippery with the composition looking more like that of a raw egg white. This is necessary to facilitate entry of sperms into the uterus and then its flow towards the fallopian tubes. Once the ovulation takes place inside the body, the discharge again becomes scant and pasty type. This happens due to increase in the progesterone hormone levels. The change in constituency of the discharge blocks the flow of sperm out through the cervix.

FertilityThe best indicators to understanding your fertility times is the rise in your body temperature immediately after the ovulation and also the cervical mucus discharge that is triggered around the time of your ovulation(Read more about How to chart your temperature and cervical mucus). Once the pregnancy starts within your system, you can observe a certain high temperature in your body. Proper charting and monitoring can help you to perk your fertility awareness better.

Using fertility awareness as a birth control technique could be quite a gamble, especially in case of new mothers as their mucus discharge patterns are most unreliable during breast-feeding times. Studies show that the method works nearly 85% of the times, yet it would be better to back it up with proper contraceptive methods. Finally, it requires a joint commitment and motivation from both partners to make it all work out.