Facebook post in multiple language

Facebook users will soon be able to connect with more people around the world by sharing their posts and comments in multiple languages.

The social networking site announced that it has built a multilingual composer, which enables users to compose a single post that will appear in multiple languages. Other users can see that post in their preferred language. Fifty per cent of our community speaks a language other than English and most people don’t speak each other’s languages, the US based firm wrote in a blog.facebook post

A user test has already started and anyone can enable the multilingual composer by going to the language section of their settings. The composer, available in 45 languages, is only available for desktops now, but others can view the multilingual posts across all platforms.

The “multilingual composer“, as the feature is called, allows you to write a post in one language and then choose additional languages in which you would like it to be published. If you write a post in English but publish it in Spanish, for example, any of your friends who use FB in Spanish would see that translation of your post.

A new feature uses automatic translation software to help people post updates in multiple languages at the same time. Users viewing a post made that way are shown the version most likely to be readable to them in light of their own past language use and settings. The new feature is also designed to provide Facebook with valuable new data to help its translation software convert slang and other colloquial language from one language to another.