Email Marketing Campaigns The Perfect Landing

When it comes to drawing traffic to hotel websites through online marketing, nothing can beat a plain email. Email continues to be used to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

What makes a marketing email highly effective and draw customers?

Landing pages, no doubt, increase the prowess of marketing emails.

A recent research shows that more than 6 in 10 marketers integrate landing pages as a marketing channel in their email programs. The research also shows that emails which direct readers to mobile optimised landing pages are gaining pace.

The perfect landing

Developing landing pages and integrating the same in email marketing campaigns has become a key feature for increasing online visibility.

The use of landing pages to collect email subscribers can increase conversion rates up to 50%.

The landing pages should speak directly to the visitors and relate with the information that the email had already provided.

A typical landing page draws at least 2,500 visitors to websites with a conversion rate of 10%. By optimising landing pages and integrating them with email marketing campaigns, these conversion rates can increase up to 25%.

It is important for marketers to look at landing pages as a means of increasing traffic and generating greater Return on Investment (ROI). All it takes is a few steps to have that perfect landing page.

Consistent Aesthetics

Visuals and messages on the email should be consistent with that of the website as well as the landing pages. The images, content and offers should be uniformly engaging on the landing pages, just as they are on the email. Responsive templates could be used uniformly across emails and landing pages to drive a connection.

Users often get confused when there is a huge disparity between the layout and design on email and that of the landing page. This leads to the loss of a potential customer. In addition to this, both the email as well as the landing pages should be well optimised across different devices. It is seen that mobile-friendly landing pages and emails drive more traffic as well as increase conversion rates.

43% of emails are opened on mobile phones while 17.4% of the entire web traffic comes majorly through mobile phones.

Personalised Content

No two people are alike and this applies to hotel customers too.

Hotels have a variety of customers – first-timers, loyal customers, a potential customer and so on. The ideal email marketing campaign targets each of these categories through engaging content. Therefore, the landing page content should compel the online user to book with the property.
email marketing
People have a short attention span. So, ensure the content is crisp and concise. The emails and subsequent landing pages should be void of additional navigational options that could confuse the user.

The ideal landing page should facilitate the customer with a ‘Book Now’ as well as a ‘Book Later’ option to convince the user to make enquiries as per their own conveniences.

Highlight CTA

One of the most effective ways to ensure increased Click Through Rates (CTR) is to add Call to Action buttons that are well highlighted and which excellently bring out the purpose of the hotel’s offers, newsletters and features. Hotel emails and landing pages should enlist points which explains in a crisp and concise manner why their property should be the ultimate choice for the user. This should lead up to a button asking the users to book now or try the service or leave feedback.

Call to action buttons situated above the fold in the emails should match with the strong call to actions on the landing page to ensure maximum visibility and increase conversion rates.

Pick up where you left off

When hotel marketers plan out an email marketing strategy around landing pages, they should keep in mind that their product or service should be attractively introduced in the email copy while the landing page carries forward the message. The ideal landing page would further illustrate the services on offer and would drive the user to book with the hotel. Emails should look like a teaser before the user watches the movie, in this case, the landing page. Marketing professionals should look at adding rewards and incentives for users once they have clicked through to the landing page.

Most importantly, the experience for the customer should be an easy one and should tell a unique story about the brand and the services.

Target audience

Just as email marketing campaigns are about connecting with a defined set of audience, landing pages should also cater to a targeted audience group. The purpose of landing pages is that they allow the brand to serve prospective customers that have been selected by the brand itself. Therefore, generating traffic from a large pool of people who do not come under the relevant category of target audience will do no good to your revenues.

Relationship building

Email marketing is about targeting the right audience directly and building a relationship with them. One of the most effective ways to build a strong customer-client relationship through email marketing is by giving the user options like check-in preferences, loyalty rewards and incentives. Marketers should avoid using words like ‘Discount’, ‘Offer’ and ‘Free’ as these words act as spam triggers and users are bound to ignore them. Use of relevant subject lines and to-the-point messaging shows quality and brand value, which reiterates brand honesty to the recipient. Post-click engagements should not be overlooked in the wake of fuelling online conversions. The emails and landing pages should have a voice that reaches out to the target customers by asking for their opinions and feedback. These gestures make the customers feel important and connected to the brand.

Do you wish to test these strategies?

An easy way to test the above strategies is by sending two versions of emails to a small group of subscribers – one which follows the principles listed in this article and the other which follows the routine process. Marketers will see the difference in response rates with the former types of emails generating optimal results.

Every hotel is fighting for a pie of the same market. The one with the better marketing strategies usually gets an upper hand. Incorporate these smart strategies related to landing pages and get set to woo your online guests.