Technology has revolutionized the way we study and educate ourselves. Features like e-books and online learning ensure that we have all the required information as and when we need it. Smart classrooms have transformed learning into a joyful experience and learning has become more interesting. Now classrooms are equipped with computer and audio-visual equipment, enabling the teacher to teach using a wide variety of media and it is no longer rote learning. Technology is helping teachers and students alike. There are many tools and equipment, which invoke critical and creative thinking. Technology enables educators in effective planning and execution of the teaching learning materials. E-learning: Smart phones, tabs and i-Pads are not just a mode of communication. Now there are so many apps, which let students study, revise and discuss with others. Technology has accelerated the entire process of learning. Everything is instant now, thanks to technology. Be it news or some research work we all love to Google it. Just type your query and you will have plethora of information to work upon. “I cannot remember when the last time I visited my college library was?
In fact, as the internet becomes more and more affordable, libraries are becoming a thing of the past. The internet saves a lot of time and you can have it anywhere and anytime. It is indeed a tech wonder.

People share information daily over the internet in a variety of ways. In the 1990s, they started posting their thoughts and ideas in chat rooms and via instant messaging. But back then, they remained anonymous with screen names and avatars. Today, almost everyone is online, posting information about them using their real names and pictures. Most people post their personal thoughts on social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, while others use blogs to get their information on the Web. And the blogging culture only continues to rise, with bloggers posting more than 1.5 million comments per day on more than 50 million blogs.

Before the advent of the internet, there was hardly any source to check the veracity of an institute but now all this can be done in no time. We can read other candidates’ reviews, opinions and how authentic is the claim of the institute. At the same time, we can also find out the rank of an institute, its placement record and is it worth to go for it? The internet has offered a kind of e-check against dubious institutes. Online Classes: Online classes offer a variety of programmes and courses which lower the total cost of tuition and save time. Students can take an online class as per their convenience as online classes offers a lot of flexibility. Besides that, e-tuitions save commuting time and one’s energy. In fact, many online courses are free up to a certain level and a candidate can take it without paying any fee and then decide if the paid version is required. Apparently, there are many advantages of online classes.

True, e-learning has improved the way we educate and study but use technology with a little discretion to make the best of it.

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