Various electrical and electronic equipments are in use in modern operation theatres for monitoring anaesthesia and surgical procedures. The course is designed to assist anesthesiologist in the operation theatre, CCU, Post Operative rooms as well as in the operation and maintenance of theatre equipments and hospital pipeline system as the success of the procedures and safety of patients depend largely on the reliability, smooth and trouble free performance of these equipments and skilled anaesthesia.

Besides the infrastructure and the Faculty, the well equipped laboratories and clinics of various departments of the University viz Faculty of Medical Sciences support various academic and research activities. There is regular mode of teaching and supplemented by an intensive and rigorous practical training that equips the students with knowledge of the latest techniques and trends so that on completion they can emerge as fully trained and thorough professional’s.ot

Career Options:

The Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technologist are responsible for direct and indirect patient care, equipment set up and operation procedures. They are trained to assist the surgeons during the procedures and assume responsibility for completion of other functions as assigned.

At the end of this course program, students will assist doctors in the Operation Theatres and be an integral part of the care delivery team.

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