Delhi Police is seeking technology to decrypt chats

Delhi Police is seeking technology to decrypt chats on services like WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, Facebook Messenger, Viber and BlackBerry Messenger. Sources say it is procuring powerful universal forensic extraction devices to crack open encrypted chat logs, and software to unlock mobile phones which are protected with passwords, images or patterns.

The police document on revamping Cyber Cell explains how the new software and gadgets will help counter cyber crime. The software will be able to decode even WhatsApp’s new encrypted chat history database called Crypt8, it claims.messenger

Delhi Police has sought the technology to crack passwords using “brute force attacks“ in which an account is bombarded with millions of password variations. It is also procuring `rainbow table’ software which will produce passwords. Technology to fight and detect hundreds of malware is also on the shopping list.

Program Can Retrieve Deleted Data As Well

“The Mobile Phone Forensic System will extract data from logical file systems, or physically . It will work on a wi de range of mobile phones, tablets and GPS devices with different operating systems and chipsets,“ said an officer. “It will enable us to recover deleted data like images, text messages, email, video, GPS locations, etc. The system will be able to search, view and export the extracted data, including deleted data from the unalloca ted space in a device’s flash memory . For GPS log extraction, it will support the latest TomTom trip-log decryption.“

The system will let police access iCloud backup to decode data obtained from Apple devices. The police document details procurement of rainbow table software, which is a set of pre-computed lookup tables used to significantly accelerate a brute-force attack. “Brute force attack is a trial-and-error method used by application programs to decode encrypted passwords. A rainbow table will improve the efficiency of the brute force attack by having all possibilities pre-computed and saved from the start,“ the source said.

Source: Times of India 28th Jan/2016