Copywriting- It’s all about the premise

As a term in formal logic, the premise is a proposition supporting a certain conclusion. Applied to copywriting, I use the word premise to mean the emotional concept that not only attracts attention, but maintains engagement throughout every element of your landing page copy and imagery.

In other words, the premise is the concept that weaves itself from headline to call to action, tying everything together into a compelling, cohesive, and persuasive narrative with one simple and inevitable conclusion — your desired action.

copywritingThe premise connects you to the emotional center of your prospect’s brain, stimulates desire, maintains credibility, and results in the opening of the wallet. It’s the unification of the prospect’s worldview + the market + the benefits + the proof + a call to action into one simple, compelling message.

This happens when you understand how to frame your message and overall offer to mesh so tightly with your prospect’s worldview that the “I want” trigger is pulled subconsciously.