Cooking of Bangli Bafori

Cooking of Bangli Bafori
Time of preparation : 20 Minutes
Serves : 3

» Ingredients
• Masoor Dal ‘Orange In Color’ 500 Grams
• 1 Big Onion – Chopped
• Cilantro – Chopped
• Salt – According To Taste
• Green Chillies – Also According To Taste
• Tamarid – Thick Paste Sort For Chatni
• Jaggery – Equal Amount To Tamarid
• Red Chilli Powder – According To Taste
• Salt For Chatni – According To Taste

» Method of cooking
• Soak Masoor Dal Over Night. Grid It Carefully With Less Water And Green Chillies. You Should Have A Thick Paste Sort ‘Do Not Grid To Smooth Paste’, Which Should Enable You To Make Balls. It Should Not Stick In Your Hand When You Make Balls.
• To This Coarse Paste Add Salt, Chopped Onions,Cilantro.
• Now, If You Have Corn Cooker,You Can Make Balls Out Of Paste And Steam Them In Corn Cooker Or Else In A Big Mouth Vessel, Pour Water And Tie A New Cotton Cloth To The Vessel’s Mouth.Bring Water To Boil.Then Prepare Balls Of Masoor Paste And Steam Them With A Closed Lid.bengali-food
For Chatni
• Take Hand Full Of Thick Paste Of Tamarid
• Add Very Little Water
• Add Equal Amount Of Jaggery To Tamarid Paste
• Add Salt According To Taste
• Add Red Chilli Powder Also According To Taste
• Add Few Cilantro Leaves If You Want
• Bring To Just One Single Boil .
» Method of Serving
Serve Your Choice.

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