College going ? Manage your stress

As colleges reopen after the summer break, students face a host of stressors. The term `stressedout’ is something that most students use to describe their state of mind. The right amount of it is believed to sharpen the minds and reflexes and also motivate learning, but excessive stress can affect an individual’s health. Sleep disturbance, constipation, a lack of concentration, anxiety , moodiness, nervousness, migraine, fatigue, sweaty palms, high blood pressure and hair loss are among the common symptoms of excessive stress.

“These days, students are complaining of significantly higher levels of stress-related problems. This seems to be mostly due to peer pressure, failure in academics and relationship problems. A lot of youngsters get into habits like drinking and smoking to relieve stress,“ says psychologist Lata Hemchand. Here are different ways to manage stress…


One of the most effective ways to reduce college stress is to work it off by exercising for at least 30 minutes every day . Whether you’re walking, cycling, swimming, dancing or practising yoga, get your blood pumping as it not only keeps you fit, but also helps you get over stress and stay focused.


It is important to get a good night’s sleep for at least seven hours because a sleep-deprived body is prone to more tension and stress. Developing a good sleep pattern helps you stay alert, focussed and positive throughout the day .college going student stress


At times when your stress lev els are rising, take a deep breath, hold and exhale. Repeating this a few times can help you relax and increase efficiency.


Including nuts in your daily diet can give an instant boost.Drink at least three to four litres of water because dehydration causes fatigue and headache.


When you are stressed, talking things out with a trusted friend or a family member can help.