Choosing a career that suits your personality

Choosing a career that suits your personality and interests has never been an easy task. But life becomes happier when your passion becomes your vocation

As children, we all want to follow our dreams and become successful adults. But dreams come to naught if not supported by passion and resources. However, if you are unable to get admission in a college of your choice or afford an exorbitant fee, there are other exciting avenues of vocational courses that you can choose from. Choosing a vocational course also allows you to carve an entrepreneurial niche, where you are your own boss.

So what does pursuing a vocational course entail? Do they offer professional stability? Are they on a par with graduate or undergraduate college degrees?
Career experts suggest that vocational courses are on a par with other courses and can offer any student ample career opportunities. Also, as these courses offer job-based training for specific careers, students can also start their own entrepreneurial ventures from the very start.

There are undeniably certain kinds of knowledge that must be of a general nature and, more importantly, a certain cultivation of the mind and character that nobody can afford to be without. People obviously cannot be good craft workers, merchants, soldiers or businessmen unless, regardless of their occupation, they are good, upstanding and according to their condition well-informed human beings and citizens.If this basis is laid through schooling, vocational skills are easily acquired later on, and a person is always free to move from one occupation to another, as so often happens in life. Dropping out of an MBA institute, turned out to be a turning point in his life. After facing jabs from his parents, he decided to pursue a course in media, against their will. How to design a page, write scripts and shoot films. Biggest takeaways were the teachers, who were fellow professionals and guides. After studying the intricacies of media, Rao is growing at his new job as a journalist. He loves meeting new people every day at work and seeing his byline in publications. Certainly, students and professionals alike are drawn towards media these days as it opens a wide plethora of opportunities in different areas. Prachi Jaiswal, for instance, chose to study photography after completing her graduation in Journalism from Delhi University.Currently, she is pursuing a short-term vocational course in photography. Jaiswal aspires to be a family and wedding documentary photographer and for the same spends a lot of time clicking camera-loving friends while also indulging in street photography. Her advice is straight; the course clearly doesn’t offer a job but it’s your work portfolio that can take you places.

Being persistent in pursuing a creative field is a must. Since the job is demanding and the stakes are high, you can easily get de-motivated, but if you really have a passion for preserving moments of life, it is the field for you.

For media-aspirants, film appreciation is another avenue that has gained momentum these days. Students aspiring to be filmmakers, teachers, researchers, film journalists or even simple film aficionados are actively seeking such courses from government-run or private institutes to expand their understanding of cinema.

The health care in India is also in need of skilled and efficient professionals to meet the growing needs of the sector.Short-term courses in retail healthcare provide practical skills and underpinning knowledge in making individuals learn how to utilize those particular skills.They are beneficial for students as they are directly linked with employability and meeting actual demands of the industry.

So, whatever your dreams are, don’t restrict yourself due to your current circumstances. Challenge the impossible and soar like a phoenix. For those, who know how to accomplish their dreams, the sky is the limit. Go follow your passion and dreams!

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