Celebrate The Talent That You Have

Did someone tell you that you had no talent? Not true! Only, the talents we have, are different. To celebrate the life we need to celebrate the talent that we have. Some use their talent and some don’t because they are not sufficiently aware that the gifts of life they have, are to be traded for other talents.

The musician looks at life’s beauty through sound; the artist through visuals; the writer through words; the thinker through concepts and abstractions; the chef through culinary delights; the economist through statistics; the believer through faith; the unbeliever, perhaps through ideas. There is a whole world out there full of beauty and light that we are not privy to, because, in life, we cannot be super at everything.

A multi-faceted personality may have a large number of skills, some innate and some developed. Others choose to stagnate and find the easy way out because developing a talent and celebrating it means hard work. The more focussed people are, the more they concentrate on developing the talents they have. If they put these talents to good use, they uplift society and touch and change the hearts of people.

We all remember the musical performances by which we were transported to another world.An orchestra, for example, is the coordination of many talents, with performers playing different instruments in harmony with each other.

There is a parable of a master setting out on a long journey and entrusting his `talents’ to his servants; to one he gave one, to another two, and to another five. When he returned home and asked his servants what they had done with his talents, the ones who had received two and five talents had traded their talents and won much more. The master com mended these servants with the words: “Well done, good and faithful servant“.

But the one who had received one talent had buried and hid his talent and the master reproached him calling him a wicked man. Why was the master of the house displeased with the servant who buried his talent? Because the gifts of life have been given to us to develop and grow.

We rarely in life look at our talents in this way. I have a cousin gifted at the organ, who for years has played the organ as a service to others ­ for weddings, funerals, celebrations, the novena masses, the Sun day services, daily masses … That has meant that she used the gift of time to practice with others, to serve others, even to the extent of improvising in the church when the occasion demanded it. She has truly celebrated her talent.

In a sense, even the lowliest of jobs require some talent. There are those who enjoy the simple tasks of life. It is not what we do, but the way we do it that counts. I once met an engine driver who even enjoyed shoveling coal and pushing it into the furnace. The long engine trips did not bore him; they fascinated him, even when he was young.

Don’t crave for another person’s talent or talents. We cannot all be film stars, models or star-cricketers. Don’t fix your gaze on the impossible. Closer to yourself, you will discover your own innate talents.Celebrate life by developing the talent or talents you have. The invitation is open to all, however deficient we may seem to be.

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