Big Data and Data Center Operations

Big data and predictive analytics are a great fit for the data center and IT operations, especially within the modern data center. There’s a great deal of data being generated and managed within IT operations, and the approaches and systems found within big data can help better understand and manage operations.

The example that Scott (and IPSoft) used is one that can provide value for any organization because it allows IT operations to understand (and predict) when breaks or issues might arise within the data center, network or remote office.

big dataImagine how impressive it would be for an IT specialist in a central office to get a notification that something in a far-flung branch office is amiss. Imagine again how that notification could tell IT staff exactly what was wrong and provide a recommendation to “fix” the problem before it actually became a problem.  This capability is available today with predictive analytics and data analysis.

Using predictive analytics and other big data approaches to identify bottlenecks, manage incidents and fix issues faster is the next logical step for data center and IT operations.

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