Best Dietary Supplements For Loosing Belly Fat in Women

The best dietary supplements for weight loss and losing belly fat for women are protein, caffeine, yohimbine and fish oil. Make sure you consult with your physician before starting any type of supplementation.


Most women do not get enough protein in their diet. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and without adequate protein intake, your muscles will starve. Yes, you’ll lose weight if you exercise but losing muscle will be a big part of your weight loss. If you find that you don’t get enough real protein from sources such as chicken, fish and red meats, definitely opt for a protein supplement.


Caffeine is said to promote fat loss by increasing your metabolism. You can get caffeine through coffee or tea but if you do, make sure you cut out the sugar and cream. You can also get this in pill form for cheap and take it 30 minutes prior to a gym workout.


Yohimbine is an active chemical extracted from a Yohimbe bark which is a tree in Africa. It has been used for centuries to treat male dysfunction but has been promoted more recently for fat loss. Yohimbine is said to block certain receptors that inhibit fat loss and said to increase blood flow. It has been highly promoted among men but has great effects on women as well.

Besides its potent weight loss properties, it can also help reduce stress and serves as an aphrodisiac. Be careful though, Yohimbine can be very dangerous if not taken in the right dosage. Its side effects are trouble breathing, dizziness, nausea and more.

Fish Oil

Fish oils are essential fatty acids that most women also don’t get enough of. If you find that you don’t eat enough fish, get some fish oil supplements.

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