Beat the post-holiday BLUES

Holidays certainly don’t. And though their benefits are well documented for their relaxing and rejuvenating powers, none of it means much if you feel completely unmotivated and desolate when you resume work. Like it or not, work is what most of our living hours consist of and we need to find ways to return to our jobs with renewed vigour and enthusiasm after a rewarding vacation.

Some studies reveal that getting back to ‘real life’ is much easier if you have another holiday to look forward to. The process of planning, researching and making bookings can be like balm to your travel-starved soul. However, make sure you always end a holiday with a weekend of relaxing in your own home. Zubin Zack, director and chief recognition strategist, OC Tanner India speaks from experience, “Once when I was back from a trip to Switzerland and France in 2011, I just jumped into so much of work immediately , which was unplanned, that I was cursing myself about being in the job. Once I got the weekend back, it allowed me to unwind and get a breather. The next week was work as usual.“

For many people, switching off completely while on holiday may not be an option. And in fact, treading the middle ground might make it easier to resume work, because you’re still in the loop of what’s going on. Abhijit Nimgaonkar, head of India CEC’s and office managing principal, ZS shares his story , “After our annual partners’ meeting in California, my family and I flew to Alaska for a short eight day vacation. We spent the days touring the wilds; hence, were out of cell phone coverage area. However, I spent a small time every morning in the hotels quickly reviewing emails. I had my autoreply on, so no one was expecting instantaneous replies. My team also knew how to catch my attention by classifying something as urgent. I would quickly reply to critical emails and leave voice mails for ones which required longer responses and then shut off my phone.“

The period before you go on vacation is gloriously full of anticipation and excitement for the days to come. It’s when you return that the trouble begins. Because now, the good times are over and you have to get back to the very routine that you were trying to escape from

There are several handy tips and tricks you can borrow from our experts to make the process of getting back to work less painful. For instance, on getting back to work after a holiday , Sandipan Bose, general manager, Golden Tulip, Chattarpur begins with his favourite task. This helps him to make a start and stay focused during the day . Nimgaonkar suggests not scheduling any meetings on the first day and focusing instead on taking stock and preparing a to-do list.“Tidy up your desk space along with your inbox so as to clear your head,“ he suggests. Travelling usually clears your head and helps you gain a fresh perspective on things. Use this to your advantage when you return to your desk. “You might want to sit with your manager and discuss stalled projects. You might bring innovative and improvised ideas that may have an impact on the business,“ agrees Zack. He also suggests talking about your experiences and using the stories to strike a better rapport with your colleagues.Reliving memories by going through photographs or writing about the trip may also help you wrap your head around your everyday BLUES

A healthy dose of realism never hurts when it comes to bouncing back from a holiday . As Zack says, we work hard so that we can go on enjoyable holidays. The only way to keep this happy cycle going is to continue to give your best and stay grounded in reality .

Source: Times of India 25 Nov’2015