Bangali Ras Malai

Time of preparation :1 Hour 20 Min
Serves : Two
» Ingredients
• 2 Lbs Ricotta Cheese
• 2 Qts Half And Half
• 2 Cups Sugar
• 5 Pods Cardamon Pods
• 1 Bay Leaf
• 1 Tsp. Vanilla 1 Tsp.
• Rose Water To Taste ‘Opt.’
» Method of cooking rasmalai
• Mix 1.5 Cups Of Sugar With The Ricotta Cheese And Bake It In A 400 Degree F Oven For About 1hr And 15 Minutes In A Flat Dish Covered With Aluminum Foil. The Cheese Should Have Hardened And Turned A Pale Brown.
• Thicken The Half And Half By Simmering Over Low Heat For A Long Time. This Is Best Done In A Microwave, If A Microwave Is Not Available, Do It Over Low Heat And Stir Frequently. Thicken Until The Volume Drops To Around Half Of The Original Volume.
• Add The Remaining 0.5 Cup Sugar, Cardamon Pods, Bay Leaf, Vanilla And Rose Water ‘And Any Other Flavorings That You May Want’ To The Half And Half. Heat For A Few Minutes.
• After The Cheese Has Been Baked, Cut It Into 1 Inch Squares And Add To The Hot Thickened Half And Half. Cool For A Few Hours In The Fridge.
• Enjoy Your Ras Malai.
» Method of Serving
Serve Chilled.