A Paramedic is a professional who helps the doctors in specialized areas and facilitates for better diagnosis, treatment and therapy. The increase in number of patients, variety of diseases and the demand for immense treatment have paved the way for paramedical professionals who are expert technicians or therapists providing better quality to human health care. Paramedics are the key players in the Health & Medical Sector. Without paramedics, the entire health industry may become almost non-functionary.

Besides the infrastructure and the Faculty, the well equipped laboratories and clinics of various departments of the University viz Faculty of Medical Sciences support various academic and research activities. There is regular mode of teaching and supplemented by an intensive and rigorous practical training that equips the students with knowledge of the latest techniques and trends so that on completion they can emerge as fully trained and thorough professional’sot

CAREER Options:

The demand for laboratory technologists will always increase, as the number of multi-specialty hospitals, laboratories etc. are increasing. The career of a lab worker depends on academic and technical skills. A certified medical laboratory technologist may find an ever-growing career in a hospital, minor emergency centers, private laboratory, blood banks, doctor’s clinics pathology lab and various clinical research centers. Technologists can advance to supervisory or management positions in labs and hospitals. They can also work as Laboratory manager, Health care administrator, laboratory information system analyst, Educational coordinator etc. Additional opportunities are available in molecular diagnostics and molecular biotechnology.

The demand of skilled OT technicians is in height as these are the persons who manage and organize whole of the operation theatre without whom no surgeon can operate on the patients.  The opportunities are:

  • OT Technician in Govt. and private Hospitals
  • Anaesthetic Technician
  • Cardiac Technologist

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