The `Aum’ Is cosmic sound in true sense, Not Religious

Every change affects the energy equilibrium ­ till disturbances settle down. The universe is made up of various energy fields and the quantum of Aum’ is the base for all energy equilibrium.` While scientists debate the first sound energy ever to occur in the universe, rishis had documented it extensively in the upanishads. Modern physicists believe Aum’ is the sound of cosmic creation that ` occurs throughout the universe.

Sound can travel through any medium, collide with molecules and push them closer together. It enters our brain through stimulus of external vibration, created by chanting of Aum. It can stimulate prana, the life source that keeps everything moving. Piaanjali says, Aum is the sound that is identified with the continual omnipresent stochastic energy of zeropoint continuum, which is interpreted as the constant fluctuation of ether present throughout the universe, our physical wave existence. The Katha Upanishad says, it is the goal that all vedas declare, all austerities aim at, and which all desire when we lead the life of continence. This syllable is the best and highest support, adored in the world of Brahmn. Aum is indeed Brahmn.

Aum is considered as third eye chakra, at the centre of the forehead, directly in line with the centre of the brain. In the beginning was the sacred sound of Aum, it was with God and God was Aum. Through this sacred sound all things were made. Aum mantra connects with the ultimate without possessions, relationships and the physical world.

Vedic texts equate Aum with Bhur-bhuvah-svah, symbolising the whole veda. It offers various shades of meaning of the universe beyond the sun and that which is mysterious and inexhaustible, the infinite language, infinite knowledge, essence of breath, life, everything that exists. All Hindu texts recommend Aum as a tool for meditation.Aum is also referred to as letter of the alphabet imperishable, immutable, and Omkara means literally , the beginning of female divine energy .

Aum’ chanting will cleanse and heal ` the whole system. It is the seat of intuition and of life purpose; its chanting will attune us to the sound of the cosmos just like a droplet dissolves into the ocean, its resonating will open the ocean of love within.

The upanishads say , time is threefold ­ past, present and future and all these are Aum. The fourth of time is that which transcends time and that too is expressed by Aum. Aum defines four states of Atman, the physical, inner thought, spiritual consciousness and the fourth state if realised with the Self, the eternal.aum is a cosmic sound

Aum is four states of consciousness ­ wakefulness, dream state, deep sleep and state of ekatma (being one with Self). Aum is all of knowledge, its first element is A, which is apti ­ obtaining, reaching or adimatva being first. The second element U, is utkarsa, exaltation or ubhayatva, intermediateness. The third element M, is miti ­ erecting, constructing or from minati, annihilation. The fourth is without development, beyond the expanse of universe.

Its chanting sequentially activates the stomach, spinal cord, throat, nasal and bran regions. It activates prana that will move from the base all the way up to the brain, thereby channelising energy and activating the spinal cord and brain. Its continuous chanting will shift the attention and echo the harmonic relationship of every vital organ, our heartbeat, breathing, brain wave pulsing, neuron cells, metabolic, enzymatic and hormonal rhythms, and will bust stress, addictions and improve behaviour. It acts as brain stabiliser, and by practising it, one can enter into one’s own natural state.