Are you losing the BALANCE?

In the competitive environment of our times, where every day is a deadline, stress and pressure are our constant companions.Work pressure and stress have become one of the major reasons for the degrading health of people.It is a big irony that success is chased for a comfortable and luxurious life, while the seeker forgets to cherish the happiness that comes from everyday things.

It is important to realise that your life is not limited to your job, and success is not counted by the currency in your bank accounts. In the rapidly deteriorating work environments of our times, we need to set our priorities right to deal with the pressure of everyday life.There has to be an epiphany in the cacophony.

Definition of success

Do not equate success with only professional laurels and money.A lot of other parameters too define a successful life.Do not underestimate the importance of respect, goodwill, friendships, and peace of mind.Adopting a comprehensive approach to success will help you deal better with everyday pressures.

Don’t overwork,work smart

Spending hours solving a problem may not always be enough.Train yourself to think outof-the-box and turn unconventional to find smart solutions, novel ideas.We often see people staying back beyond office hours as a matter of routine.This is not to be encouraged.It is important to learn to finish your work within stipulated hours, and move on to other important things in life.Your inability to wrap up on time shows your incompetency, not hard work.Work-Life-Balance 3d

Control anger

Anger is natural, but undesirable. More often than not, it ends up further convo I luting a problem. An angry dressing down to junior colleagues in a tight situa tion may further hamper their productivi ty. If a situation is running out of hand, discuss it in a calm and composed way with colleagues and help them find solu tions. You might as well strike a new idea to tackle the load! Anger and criticism can be reserved for a more peaceful day when you are conducting a SWOT analy sis.

Welcome criticism

Criticism may not be a likeable thing, but it is necessary. Don’t get defensive when faced by criticism. Take it positively and use it to turn yourself around. Consider criticism as a valuable feedback rather than annoyance. It will also help you tackle pressure better.

Healthy living

Walk everyday in an open space, practice yoga to unclutter your mind. Eat nourishing food, relax with music or a book and sleep eight hours. Don’t spend life in a cubicle; learn to embrace the beauty in everyday life. This will help you deal with pressure and stress.

Anyone can learn and imbibe these simple mantras for striking a perfect work-life balance, and make the most of one’s personal as well as professional life.