Does anyone want your product or service?

Meet Ian.

Ian is a smart, creative, and talented guy. He’s come up with an idea for a software product that every small business owner should use to improve their business.

He decides to create a web-based application and charge a monthly subscription fee. He can hardly contain his excitement as he throws himself into it.

Ian hires a top-notch programmer who can give him a functional web app for only $30,000 (ouch). Ian then comes up with a full marketing plan, and spends three days writing the site copy that explains all the benefits his software service has to offer.

The site launches.

product or service

And nothing happens.

For the first week, Ian hears nothing but crickets chirping, despite all his hard work on pre-marketing and publicity. He manages to snag a joint venture with a prominent small business blogger, but the conversion rate is terrible and the blogger is disappointed.

Since the product is obviously great (in his mind), Ian thinks the problem must be his marketing approach. It’s got to be a matter of getting the word out to more people. So he puts together a Google AdWords campaign, and puts his last $4,000 of credit on his card.


Ian never recoups his investment. After he brings in a professional copywriter to rework the offer, he gets the bad news about his real problem.

No one wants what Ian is selling.

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