An insight into the daily lives of people in offbeat fields

My days are led by ideation. First, I hold meetings with my crafts men. I then sit with my team of de signers to brainstorm for the next fashion season. You must have a sense of colour schemes and be a good team leader to become a fashion designer. However, designing is not just about colour coding but it is also about draping and computer-aided design. Creating prints and patterns is a tedious task.

Crafts are made in spurts of regions across the globe. They are collected from local craftsmen and then customised as per a customer’s needs. This field demands a balance of energy and skill.

HARDY SANDHU Singer and Actor

My day starts with a cup of coffee and riyaz.

Next on my list is a quick workout at the gym.Every day, I brainstorm about the new songs I can create. Through the day, I also interact with my fol lowers on social media. Occasionally, I also perform at live concerts. This helps me obtain real-time feedback from the audience to improve my work.

A singer needs to be passionate, creative and hard-working. Heshe has to record a song multiple times to get the notes perfectly. Since I feature in most of my videos, I also rehearse for hours before shooting for them.

The doors to opportunities open easily if one undergoes professional training at a music school. That said, the best training is to do riyaz every day.

The music industry is changing with the times. Since we live in a digital era, everything is a `live show.’ Visualisation counts more than audio.

PRAGYAN OJHA National-level Cricketer

My days are driven by train ing and practice sessions. To succeed in a skill-based industry, practice is important. Every morning, I wake up and plan my cricket training schedule. I generally end the day by watching an old movie with my wife. Gone are the days when you could survive with just one skill.Cricket has become three-dimensional. You have to be an all-rounder ­ a good batsman, bowler and fielder.

The industry has changed drastically in the last two decades. Earlier, the focus was on one day and test matches, whereas to day, the T20 format is gaining signifi cance. The sport has evolved. There are more opportunities for upcoming crick eters. The future looks good.

SHAHNAZ HUSAIN Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Shahnaz Husain Group

Every morning, I browse through the newspaper to stay abreast of what is happening around me. I begin my day with a team meeting to discuss new ideas. New formulations and innovations are always in the works. So, I keep track of them. I reserve time, usually in the afternoon, to attend to my mails. Through the day, I also interact with my clients in India and overseas. I also reserve some time during the week to attend social functions and felicitations, seminars and award ceremonies.

The beauty business is booming and has tremen dous potential for growth. Therefore, there is a cor responding need for professionally trained personnel. A high school certificate opens the doors to training and skilling in this field. Professionals can work as beauty spa therapists, masseurs, hairstylists, make-up artists, beauty advisers, product consultants, freelance beauticians or make-up artists and beauty school teacher. Make-up artists and hairstylists are in demand in the fashion, television and film industries. Thus, a career in this field opens many avenues.

VANDANA LUTHRA Founder and Vice Chairperson, VLCC Health Care Limited

I plan my day a night before and usually begin with yoga and exercise. My to-do list is divided into three parts ­ work, family and `me’ time. India’s beauty and wellness industry has dia’s beauty and wellness industry has been growing at a phenomenal pace. Having some domain knowledge is always helpful but is not a constraint as long as you are prepared to constantly upgrade your skills.

Quality standards on a famous peoplepar with global benchmarks are now the norm at many Indian beauty and wellness companies. The emphasis on skilling manpower has assumed importance. Customer awareness about the benefits of wellness and its role in the preventive healthcare arena has grown. Besides, there are numerous opportunities for jobs and self-employment, particularly for women.

As in any business, an entrepreneur provides the vision, direction and roadmap for the growth of the company, besides raising capital. I spend time with my colleagues at work on how to be better at what we do rather than overseeing day-to-day operations. As we operate in various countries, I also end up travelling a lot.