Addicted to net? You may have ‘netbrain’ disorder

Smartphone Users 3 Times More Likely To Get Affected

About 11% of British adults suffer from `netbrain’ -a disorder caused by overuse of the internet -and may show narcissism, distraction and fear of missing out, a new study has found.

Those suffering from `netbrain’ are more likely to be found gambling online, socialising on social networks and playing video games, researchers said.

The affliction is said to affect 5.7 million British adults, or 11% of the population -the same proportion that suffers from dyslexia, researchers added.

Smartphone owners are nearly three times more likely to have netbrain and those suffering from the condition are nearly four times more likely to exhibit anti-social behaviour than those who do not, `The Times’ reported.

Nearly a third of adults aged between 18 to 34 suffer from `netbrain’ disorder, compared with 11% of 35 to 54-year-olds and 4% of those aged over 55, according to a study of 1,000 people conducted by VisualDNA, a London-based technology and psychometrics company , and University College London.

WhatsApp gets 700m users, beats texting

netbrainPeople now send 50% more messages over WhatsApp than texts -and the rise looks set to continue. WhatsApp now has 700 million users sending 30 billion messages per day, it said last week.That is in comparison with about 20 billion messages a day sent over SMS, according to analysis by Benedict Evans. The increasing gap between WhatsApp and texting in market has seen a decline in texting since about 2011. WhatsApp is rumoured to be adding a Skype-like video calling feature as part of its plan for growth.

A phone battery that gets charged in 2 min

An Israeli start-up has designed a new ultra-fast smartphone battery that can be fully charged in less than two minutes. The battery, made by StoreDot, has slightly shorter life, but can still last about five hours on a two minute charge.Rather than trying to improve the capacity of the battery itself, the company redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it can charge rapidly, Mashable reported.By cutting charging time down, the final product will have a recharge time of under two minutes, StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf said.