A smart ring which can replace your wallet your keys and access card

In Token’s world, you will never need to carry your wallet. You won’t need house keys or a transit pass, or even to remember your computer password. All you’ll need is a ring.

The token is a hardware company that just launched its first product: The Token ring, an identity ring that stores your credentials and secures your privacy with a fingerprint sensor. The Token ring costs between $249 and $299 and is available for presale now.

The ring can replace your access card for your office as well. It is enabled with the same technology that’s inside scannable badges, so you can load yours onto the ring. Token works for your car, too. The company sells an accompanying plug for your car that will let you use the ring to unlock the door and eventually, to start the car. The feature works using Bluetooth.The reason you need to knock twice is to activate the Bluetooth within the ring.

If you are someone who has trouble remembering passwords, you can load them onto the ring. When you want to open your laptop, knock twice -your password will auto fill and your computer will unlock.Same goes for your front door.

Within the app, you can add your passwords, set up your smart lock, activate your access card for work, add your transit pass, and enable the ring to work with your car. To add your card, you will need to pair the ring with the Token app, which is available for iOS, Android, Windows 10, and OS X.

The battery lasts about two weeks. When it needs to be charged, the ring sits on a wireless charging base. The token is waterproof up to 50 meters. There’s also an optical sensor built in. When you take the ring off, Token says it can sense that and will lock your credentials.

It’s secure

The ring has a fingerprint scanner to the inside plane. When you set up the ring for the first time, you scan your fingerprint to create a template that is used for authentication every time you put the ring on.

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