Change is always unsettling, and when it is at the workplace, it does take a lot of time and effort to accommodate it according to the workplace.When one joins a workplace, it is obvious that he or she needs to learn the way the team functions. However, things become a little complicated when, instead of a team member, it is the boss who is new at a workplace. Such a transition often leads to a situation wherein the team members are generally in a fix as to whether or not the new boss is receptive to their ideas and ways of working.

In such a situation, it is, however, imperative to keep the cool and let the transitional phase get over. As a team member, it is important to understand that even the new boss is a new joinee and needs some time to settle down in his new assignment. Sheds light on the initiatives the team members can take in order to make sure that their boss is at ease and a mutual understanding is created between him and the team. “To begin with, it is important to understand that even the new manager would be skeptical about his new workplace.Therefore, as a team member, one has to be welcoming and helpful to the new manager.Nonetheless, it is extremely important to ensure that in the absence of much information about the team members, the new manager is most likely to judge them by their attires, grooming and how they carry themselves. If you wish to make the right first impression, be sure to send across the right message both, verbally and non-verbally .“

All bosses like to have people who are excellent performers and great work resources.Therefore, it pays to take time to understand what a boss expects when it comes to project deadlines and deliverables and communicating frequently with them around the nature and timing of deliverables. One should set up one-on-one time with the new boss and take them through your role, deliverables and what you are currently working upon. New bosses may not admit that they are behind the learning curve in getting acclimated to a new company or division. They will be caught with multiple priorities, while struggling to understand the challenges. Be willing to share in a helpful way , the knowledge and tools necessary for them to learn things quickly . Loop them in ll on important mails. This will also set the tone right for the new boss to be able to gauge your capabilities and help you grow, as time passes.

While it is extremely important to understand and move on to your boss’s agenda immediately, it is also okay to have a difference of opinion on some matters, as it will at least set the ground for both of you on what to expect in the times to come. “That way, if any issue crops up, he will give you a benefit of doubt.boss

For instance, you may have said that you are a person who does not believe in working after office hours. While he may be a person who is used to that kind of working style, this conversation would have set the appropriate expectation. Of course, you should use your judgement on what topics are appropriate to discuss in the initial few meetings.

Often, a new boss is looked upon as an object of suspicion.However, it is better to be open, look for areas where you can learn from them and set the tone for a healthy, professional relationship for keeps.