7 must do’s for Hoteliers to boost your OTA ranking

Whilst each OTA utilises a slightly different algorithm to position the hotels in
the results screen, there are some key criteria which can be covered to ensure
your property gets the highest possible ranking on the OTA.

1. Constant Availability

Make sure you offer the OTAs as much availability as possible.
Low availability = lower ranking.
You need to ensure that you have availability and rates for a full year and
avoid closing out.
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2.Competitive Rates

Monitor your competitor pricing; OTA algorithms compare your rates against
your competitors. Competitive doesn’t necessarily mean cheap of course.
Just be sure you are not overpricing or underselling your hotel, the key is
to constantly benchmark your property against your competitors and adjust
rates accordingly.

3.Customer Reviews

According to a study conducted in 2010*, Online Travel Agencies are
more popular than travel review sites as the preferred method of posting
comments, primarily because the guest is required to stay at the property to
be able to post the review. According to the report, OTAs achieved 74% of all
reviews in the second half of 2010. So it’s vital you get those reviews posted
– and importantly know what’s being said.

4.Content is King

Quality content is critical for differentiation, it really turns lookers into
bookers, the better the content the better the results, it’s worth engaging a
professional to get the best quality photography and copy.


The number of cancellations your hotel receives has a negative impact on
One reason guests cancel their reservations is because they find a cheaper
deal on other OTA sites.
So make sure you reduce the number of cancellations by ensuring you have
rate parity across all OTAs.

6. Correct Payment

Pay your commission invoice on time. Your search result ranking will be
lowered if you don’t pay or you’re late paying your commission.

7. Commission

Of course commission has a big impact on rankings, OTAs are a business like
any other and offering to pay them a higher commission rate will give your
ranking an automatic boost.
Use the commission override feature available on most OTAs extranets.