7 hair loss myths busted

Most people, who go under the knife, opt for shapelier noses, slimmer waists or bigger breasts.

But with celebrities going in for butt implants and belly button surgeries, there has been a surge in unusual plastic surgeries. We take a look at some of the most unconventional ones.

Thigh gap treatment

Singer Beyonce sparked off the infamous thigh gap, after which, a growing number of women have started to opt for thigh gap surgery. A simple-one hour procedure, this is a new form of liposuction that helps address loose skin in the inner and outer thighs, and removes excess fat to enhance contours.

Six pack implants

Also known as abdominal implants, this body contouring surgery is for men who want washboard abs, without having to follow a rigorous gym routine. It is done by etching the skin in longitudinal lines and removing superficial fat from the body through a technique called lipo-sculpture.

Grin Lift

As you age, the laugh lines around your lips sag, making your mouth droop, giving the appearance of a frown. The grin lift, a 15-minute procedure, is a surgical way to restore the smile, without fatty injections. Small skin triangles are removed from above each corner of the mouth to cause it to lift, thus raising the lips into a slight smile.

Cinderella surgery

Women are requesting cosmetic surgeons to alter the shape and size of their feet to fit into designer stilettos. Termed the Cinderella surgery, it involves changing the length of the toes or removing unsightly bunions to make heels look better and more comfortable to wear. Some women also have fat inserted into the soles of their feet, to allow them to walk more comfortably in heels.hair loss

Eyebrow and eyelash transplants

The trend of sporting power brows took off years ago thanks to haute couture models on runways. But it has become a hot trend now because of celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and Megan Fox, who wear their eyebrows thick. Customers can design their ideal eyebrows using stencils. The painstaking and pricey treatment, originally developed for burn and dog-bite victims and later used to remedy baldness in men, is being increasingly used by women for vanity purposes. Along with eyebrows, women with sparse and scanty eyelashes are opting for eyelash transplants that will eventually help them grow real lashes. The process involves removing a section of hair from the patient, typically from the back of the head, and grafting the hair to the eyelids, replacing the existing eyelashes.

Chubby cheek reduction

Medically known as buccal fat removal, it offers a solution to those who want to reduce the size of their cheeks and get a chiselled look. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision inside the cheek and removes a gumball-sized chunk of fat. This causes the cheek hollows to contour inward.

Vacation breasts

A plastic surgeon in New York has created a 24-hour ‘insta breast’ procedure — a new kind of saline injection that allows temporary breast enlargement for a day. These vacation breasts slowly deflate as the saline is absorbed into the body. The surgeon is now trying to come up with a version that will last up to two weeks.