5 things you should do to produce high-quality sperm!

If you decide to have a baby, you need to take certain steps to make it happen. If you and your partner have tried for several months, but not yet conceived, you need to do something different to enhance the chances of fertility. You may have some doubts about whether the things that you are doing are actually helping you to have healthy sperms.

In simple terms, male fertility depends both on sperm quantity as well as quality that is affected by a variety of things. It is true that you may not be able to control all the elements that could enhance your fertility. There are certain things that you can apply to improve your potency and to make sure that your sperms are healthy and performing.

5 things you should do to produce high-quality sperm

The elements vital for healthy sperms

There are three important elements that are linked to healthy sperm:


It is now accepted that you need to have more than 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen to be fertile. Of the 20 million sperms that are ejaculated, roughly 200 of them actually reach the egg that is in the fallopian tube of a woman and only one is needed to make the fertilization possible.(Read more about Sperm Count Test)


You may have noticed that just before ovulation there is an increase in clear, slippery vaginal secretions. Watch the changes in it and after ovulation, normally it resembles raw egg whites and after ovulation, when the chances of becoming pregnant are slim, the discharge may disappear completely, or it becomes cloudy and sticky. Though the changes in vaginal secretions give a clear picture of the chances of pregnancy, the color and texture of vaginal secretions could be subjective at times.


Motility simply means sperm movement. When ejaculation happens sperms will be pushed some distance, but that is not enough for it to reach the egg. To come to the destination it has to make some movements of its own, swimming and wriggling a few spaces so that they can reach the egg so as to fertilize. Healthy sperms have the ability to move and only if half of your sperms are moving you will be able to fertile.

How to produce high quality sperms?

During every intercourse, millions of sperms will be vying for a chance to make fertilization possible. However, even if both of you are healthy and have the right timing, that is roughly after fourteen days after the menstruation, you may need several attempts to make it happen and at times the waiting becomes long and tedious. Here are some tips to improve the health of your sperm and to increase the chances of fertility so that you can keep away from worries.

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Have a healthy diet

A healthy diet that is rich is fruits and vegetables will improve sperm health.

Take regular exercise

It is a known fact that regular physical activity will enhance your overall health. But take care not to overdo it since studies have shown that men who take exhaustive exercises have a drop in sperm quality and at times a temporary change in hormone levels. So do exercises in moderation and it will do a lot of wonders to your body.

spermTake vitamin supplements

Take multivitamin so that you will get folic acid, zinc, and selenium in plenty which is vital for optimal sperm production.

Reduce stress

Stress will definitely decrease the sexual function and it might interfere with some of the hormones for the production of sperms.

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Monitor your weight

You will be able to produce healthy sperm only if you maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight. The presence of too much or too little fat will interfere with the production of sex hormones; so you have to monitor your body weight regularly.

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