5 popular diabetes myths

Little knowledge, as they say, is a dangerous thing especially when it’s about a disease. Here is debunking some major myths regarding Diabetes.

1) Myth: Intake of too much sugar causes Diabetes.

Fact: Including too much sugar in your diet does not cause Diabetes. The cause of Type 1 Diabetes is not certain but researchers say that environmental and genetic factors could be the factors behind it. Obesity, age (cases are more in age group of 40years or above) and having a family history of Diabetes are the risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes. Excess of sugar-foods leads to obesity and being overweight can cause Type 2 Diabetes. In that case, all foods that add to the fat in your body make your body susceptible to Diabetes.

2) Myth: Diabetes is communicable.

Fact: Diabetes is not a communicable disease. There is no way you can catch Diabetes like you catch common-cold or flu. The only way a person could be linked to your Diabetic cause is through a genetic or inheritance link.diabeties

3) Myth: Diabetic people can never eat sweets.

Fact: Diabetic patients need to keep a watch on your diet as their body finds problem in absorbing glucose. They can eat sweets but in balanced proportions.

Small portions of sweets coupled with a healthy diet and exercise works perfectly fine.

4) Myth: You can tell when your blood sugar levels escalate.

Fact: When the increase in blood sugar levels is high, there are visible symptoms like increased thirst or hunger, weight loss, fatigue etc. However, with mild escalation in blood sugar levels, it’s difficult to tell. The symptoms become difficult to trace specially in the initial stage of the disease. So, instead of judging the condition by your own analysis, go for regular blood sugar level checks.

5) Myth: Diabetic people should not exercise much.

Fact: Physical exercise is good for Diabetics. Exercise helps burn the extra fat, reduces stress levels and helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. A good fitness regime helps you keep a healthy body, mind and heart. Uncontrolled disease may put your heart, nervous and immune system to risk, regular exercising helps you fight all these odds.

Diabetes has taken over India like an epidemic. There are 67 million diabetics in India with another 30 million in pre-diabetes group. However, our internal research says the situation is worse. And while 50% of diabetics don’t know that they have diabetes, the pre-diabetic group is unaware of their health condition which is dangerous.