12 Tips for Preventing Male Yeast Infections

Prevention of a man’s yeast infection is not unlike preventing a woman’s yeast infection. To reduce your chances of developing and maintaining a yeast infection around the penis and scrotum,Yeast Infection I highly recommend that you follow the following ten rules. You will notice that quite a few of the lifestyle recommendations (like avoiding tight clothing, certain sports, spa baths, etc) are based on the fact that a men’s genital yeast infection can thrive in an environment which is warm, dark and moist and is fed on sugars and yeast foods in the diet. Knowing this, think about increasing the airflow around the penis and scrotum, wear cotton and lose fitting garments and remove the food supply that yeast likes to feed on: sugar and yeast laden foods.

  1. Avoid wearing tight clothing –if you have a penis or scrotum yeast infection. Wear loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers like cotton. Temporarily avoid hot baths and jacuzzis (whirlpool baths and spas), especially if you have the existing yeast infection.
  2. After swimming, shower and change into cotton uunderclothing andwear cool, loose fitting clothing. Always wear cotton.
  3. Avoid alcohol –especially if you are prone to a men’s yeast infection, you will need to keep right away from alcohol if you have it. This may well be your single and biggest obstacle, and a maintaining cause I have verified with countless men.
  4. Follow the Candida Crusher Programadopt the correct diet and especially avoid sugars and yeasty foods like chocolate, cookies, breads, candy, etc. My book Candida Crusher contains a large amount of lifestyle and diet information.
  5. Avoid antibiotics for any type of illness –Antibiotics are one of the biggest causes of yeast infections; avoid them as much as possible. And if you absolutely must take them, be sure you take a course of a probiotics to follow-up with.
  6. Trim pubic hair –Keep the pubic hair very short and trimmed around the genital region because if your hair is too long it may increase body heat in that area and ensure that the moisture is kept close to the skin. Long and bushy pubic hair may ensure that you maintain an ideal breeding ground for a yeast infection.
  7. Avoid becoming overheated through sports, this may occur if you play active sports such as squash, tennis, or football. Having a sauna or even sunbathing can aggravate your skin condition if you have an active infection. If you get warm after playing sport, then have a cool shower afterwards and ensure complete dryness and clean cotton undergarments.

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  1. Treat for 3 months continuously –if you have a penis or groin rash make sure you treat it for at least 3 months (ninety days) continuously. It is common for a man to treat a yeast infection, eliminate the symptoms temporarily, and then have the condition come back with a vengeance several weeks later.
  2. Swim in salt water –In summer, try to swim in the ocean regularly and if possible, allow sunlight on the affected areas. Your skin will respond very well because you are exposing the yeast infection to salt water and sunlight, two things that candida cannot tolerate.
  3. Treat you partner too –It is highly recommended that you treat your significant other so they do not give it to you again; it is best to avoid “passing the parcel.”
  4. Forget the quick-fix approach –you may end up having a current penis, groin, toenail fungus and digestive candida yeast infections like so many I’ve seen over the years. Do the diet AND lifestyle AND local treatment for ninety days without fail, and then keep on doing it until you get well and stay well for at least six months. Your reward will be well worth the effort, I guarantee it.

12. Coconut oil is a great lubricant – Use pure organic coconut oil as a personal lubricant. It is not only fragrant and most effective as a lubricant; it is also a very effective antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. This will ensure that you don’t easily pass a yeast infection from one partner to another.

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