10 Top rules for happy and satisfied life

Rule #1. Find Blessing in Every thing.

Whether something happened worst or best, it is a blessing for you.

Imagine, you got injured. Then, don’t feel bad for injury. Feel blessed that injury wasn’t severe.

So, even if happened something worst, think that there was a reason behind it and you’re blessed that you got a lesson, an experience.

Rule #2. Don’t notice every thing.

Noticing is good. But, not always. Half of the time, we notice something which we shouldn’t because they become cause of our sadness.

So, there is no need to notice every thing. If things aren’t in your control or jurisdiction, don’t notice it.

You can’t change every thing. Instead, try to work on yourself to be better.

Rule #3. Have low expectations.

Most of the time, expectations doesn’t actualize. It leads to disappointment. So, always have a minimalist approach. Keep expectations low.

Because if you get more than what you expect, then you become more happy and if you don’t get it, then also you don’t bother much about it.

Rule #4. Have a goal not to compete with anyone.

Most of the time, we trying to be better than anyone else. It’s a good thing as you get a benchmark to compare your performance. But, not always.

At times, you get exhausted by comparing and feel like life is shit. So, don’t try to be better than anyone else. Try to be better than what you used to be.

Rule #5. Say to yourself, “Better days are coming.”

Human mind tends to believe what you make it think. And, when you think about good things, it feels better and generate happy hormones in body. So, whenever you’re amidst of struggles or a challenge, tell yourself, “Better days are coming.”

It may not ease your struggle but give you little courage and enthusiasm to continue with struggle with a thought things will be better in the end.

Rule #6: Family first

I’ve moved at least once every year since I left home after graduating from high school in 2010. I’ve made friends, I’ve lost friends. I found love, I lost love. The one group of people I have always, always, always come back to are my Mom, my Dad and my sister.

Very few people enter your life and stay forever. Quite frankly, most don’t deserve to. For those that do, make sure you show them the love they deserve.

Rule #7: Lifters vs Losers

The reason most people don’t stay in your life is that the majority does one of either two things:

  1. They lift you up.
  2. They pull you down.

Why the losers don’t stay is obvious: eventually you’ll realize they’re losers and that all they do is hold you back.

The lifters are great and I’ve enjoyed every minute with them, but it’s rare for them to rise together. Unless they meet at equal stops during their journeys, they’ll eventually part ways too – but that’s okay.

Because lifters know they can always return to their fellow lifters, sit together and reminisce about the good old times.

Rule #8: Work hard, be nice, win

Most people want to win. I know I do. But I don’t want to win at your expense. I want both of us to win.

I have no aspirations to build a skyscraper. But whatever my building turns into, it needs to be built right.

Part of that is to create every day. To ship something every day. Part of that is to be nice to everyone I meet along the way.

Rule #9: Liberty over Luxury

Building a big building is nice. But I wouldn’t wanna live in one. The reason I work so hard isn’t to buy cars or mansions or clothes or other trinkets I can’t take with me when I die.

I want to buy the ultimate thing: freedom.

I want the kind of money that allows you to drop your spoon mid-dessert, get up, leave the restaurant and walk away, because within a split second, you decided the person across the table didn’t have the integrity it takes to be a part of your life.

Money buys a lot of things. But the best things in life aren’t things. Whenever money can buy the latter, it’s usually a good play. Freedom is one of them.

Rule #10: Never have a single point of failure

Achilles had his heel, the titanic had its iceberg, Blockbuster had its Netflix. In computing, there’s this description of systems with a single point of failure: if one server tanks, the whole thing goes down.

I think being an employee and doing nothing on the side is a system like that. No one should make all their money from a single source.

When your boss doesn’t like your face one morning, things can get really ugly, really fast. I have 3–5 different sources of income right now, give or take. I hope it’ll only become more in the future.

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