You might be in a TEXTATIONSHIP?

A run-through of the latest terms in the `wired’ landscape of modern relationships

This one’s a rectangular relationship.It involves you, the object of your affection, and both of your phones; hence, the rectangle. You never meet in person for a conversation face-toface. You are happy with confining it to words on your phone screen. It’s essentially a virtual relationship. We don’t really want to take things to the next level just yet. So a textual relationship is just perfect; sort of being in a relationship yet not being in one.


These people get you hooked through WhatsApp messages and then ignore you. They have got you on the bench! You are not in their lineup but they haven’t quite cut you from the play either. Instead the `bencher’ goes along with the `benchee’ with well-timed witty texts or with a carrot that never materialises into big gestures or even a date. The benchers chat if they run into each other pleas antly, but nothing beyond that. Says . It’s rather common in the dating world.; You just want to keep the options open. It’s also about power play and emotional control.


It refers to women who wallow in sorrow and self-pity caused by the opposite sex. This word originated from the rappersinger Drake, known for his sad lyrics, to describe excessively emotional behaviour. Drunk texting is one form of `draking’ or to wallow about men problems on social media.


This is when a person is trying to take the relationship to the next level.They will try to `textually’ humour you, flatter you in person and hope to change the relationship dynamics. But they are also playing safe in case one chooses to backtrack. Says Arjun Khanna, 19, student, “It’s a casual hookup to see who we really hit it off with when we are not sure of what we want in our partner. It’s the phase before you decide whether you like someone or not.“


This is basically a superior version of benching. While benching may or may not be harmful, layby certainly is.You are someone’s standby option.Most probably they are stuck in a bad relationship or aren’t sure whether their feelings are reciprocated by someone they love. You are the distraction or the `layby’. They leave you guessing with half-flirty, half-friendly messages.If the primary one doesn’t work out, you may get lucky.


Megadating leads to onoff-ers. You hook-up and then quit. Then you hook-up again with that person.

But nothing really works as work commitments, long distance, compatibility issues make you part yet again. On-off-ers find it difficult to let go of the person, so they keep bouncing in and out of your life.


The social media dating scene has given rise to the concept of megadating. There are many daters trying to juggle between potential partners.

Megadating is about being in a series of non-exclusive rela tionships. This isn’t cheating as commitment phase is still far away. Most megadaters don’t have clarity on what they want in their partner. There’s a chance of finding these people on every dating site.TEXTATIONSHIP


One minute you are there, the next moment you are gone. Poof! You simply disappear from someone’s life overnight as if he or she did not exist.With ghosting there’s no double guessing, like benching. Says Sunil Saxena, software engineer, “In the dating rulebook, it’s known as the tender break-off. You don’t want to talk things out or make things ugly, so you simply fall off the radar.“


This is when the ghost returns. When a person who has ghosted you comes back, well, he’s a zombie, and what he or she just did refers to `zombieing’. Suddenly, the ghost is all around you. He pretends he never really went anywhere and was around all this time.


Your lover’s interest in you starts waning. The communication style becomes cold and distant and he or she displays a distinct lack of interest.Communication is slowly detached and then ended. The love just fizzles out, either from one end, at times, from both ends. A `slow fade’ is when someone gradually ceases communicating with a person who was interested in himher.


You are single, it’s the year-end and you’ve got parties to go to. What do you do? You hookup with someone just so that you aren’t the odd manwoman out when every one around you is with his or her partner. Fall and winter are con sidered prime `cuffing’ sea sons, a time when people dread the idea of being alone.


It’s the beginning of mushy love. You are at a gathering but leave your male friends at one corner to go and talk to your girlfriend or a girl you are interested in, for a prolonged period of time. Cupcaking is the initial phase of dating or being attracted to someone new.

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