Would you like to have ice eyes look ?

Would you like to make your eyes look like ice or cake frost? Shimmering eyelids are in again ladies and this time, you can play with colors like pink and icy and shimmering whites. Beauty professional Nisha Mulchandani says, “Last year, rainbow eyelids were quite popular and this year, the frosted look has taken the beauty world by storm.They brighten your eyes and provide a contrast to your dark lashes. This is a look that you can sport all year round and also wear it with any kind of outfit.“


Experts say that one should opt for silver as your base shade. This hue works the best because it makes your shadow color stand out. Also, the smokey silver hue makes your eyes look bigger and gorgeous.


Follow the basic beauty routine -wash your face, apply a toner and then moisturize it.

Dab a tissue on the eyelid to soak excess oil.

Use a make-up primer next.

And then, dab a little foundation on top of your eyes and the area surrounding it. With the help of a sponge, sweep the silver hue over the eyelids and into the crease.

Blend in with a darker, matte color of the same shade or an icy pink into the crease of your eyes.

Add some drama by applying matte color to the outer corner of your eyes and sweep up to meet the crease.

Complete the look with a matte, neutral color on your brow bone.

Try using it as just a highlight: Apply the shadow to your eyebrows and on the inner corners. This will make your eyes look big and expressive.

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