Where did the year 2015 go by?

The pace of time never changes. Minute by minute, hours, days and years go by . Yet, every December, doesn’t it feel like you just ushered in a new year?
It’s as though 12 months passed by in 12 days and what do we have to show for it all? Not enough, is the sentiment in most cases.

The difference between people who never get much done and those who achieve the moon in the same span of time comes down to just one thing ­ perception. One cannot slow down time. Time moves punctually and diligently at its own pace. It is always wise for a person to optimise on the time available and utilise it judiciously. I have seen in my life that I have time available to do everything that I want to ­ from reading, to sports, to work, being with the family and friends and also contribute in the best way I can towards the society .2015

Our minds are so fickle that they can ruin the best of moments with a negative thought. So, if you get a promotion, but a mediocre increment, all you manage to focus on is the meagreness of the increment and the joy of the moment is lost. Our focus and priorities change faster than we consciously realise. Most often, we think or believe that we know what we want in our life, but sadly enough, only a few of us really know it. Knowing, realising and internalising what goals to achieve is the first cornerstone of achievement. People who ‘plan to execute’ experience achievements round the year.

Every time as December approaches,you realise that yet another year has passed by before you even knew it.Why is it that time seems to fly by so fast? How is it that some people manage to achieve so much in a year while others remain wondering where all their days went? Perhaps,there is a secret to slowing down time and making the most of every moment at work and in life

Essentially be it time or the year, everything boils down to our mindset and the approach we evolve to execute our plan.

Taking control of your time is all about knowing which direction you’re heading towards. We’re all acquainted with SMART goals, they are outdated and a better alternative is to set CLEAR goals: Collaborative (Goals should encourage employees to work collaboratively and in teams); Limited (Goals should be limited in both, scope and duration); Emotional (Goals should make an emotional connection to employees, tapping into their energy and passion); Appreciable (Large goals should be broken down into smaller goals so they can be accomplished more quickly); Refinable (Set goals with a headstrong and steadfast objective, but as new situations or information arise, give yourself permission to refine and modify your goals).

Setting priorities means saying goodbye to tasks that don’t need to take up your limited and precious time. How do some people achieve so much in so little time? Well, the answer is simply , because they wanted to. If you know WHAT you want and what you can DO WITHOUT, your priorities can be mapped out and then you go about ticking the achievements off your list.When you want everything, here and now, is when the challenge begins.

If you want to make 2016 a truly great year, stop thinking of work as a punishment.The secret of getting the most out of every moment at work or in personal life is to enjoy what we do. Paradoxically , time actually seems to fly when we are doing things we enjoy . We need to understand that work is as enjoyable as leisure. Work can be enjoyed if we see purpose, pride, and a sense of fulfilment in what we do.

Lastly, there is a lot organisations can do as well, to ensure that employees don’t feel pressed for time. There should be an environment where there is significant individual empowerment in decision-making. Additionally , if your functional skills and competencies are aligned with your role, you are likely to take charge and resolve problems quicker.

Remember, life is not a race and as long as you’re happy with where you are, you’re on the right track.

Source: Times of India 30 Dec’2015