What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a world leading web publishing platform. WordPress itself is free and open source, although there are typically some costs involved in a fully-functioning WordPress sites.

A WordPress powered site offers all sorts of features, including easy content management (both blog posts and regular website pages), multiple users and immense customisability.

WordPress dot what?

WordPress comes in two versions, WordPress.com and WordPress.org. These are the differences between the two:

WordPress.com offers a pre-hosted version of WordPress with a limited amount of control for each website. It’s free with paid-for add-ons. We’ll call this hosted WordPress.
WordPress.org lets you install your own version of WordPress on your own hosting. This requires having your own hosting and domain name (we’ll cover these later). We’ll call this self-hosted WordPress.
Hosted WordPress is great for getting started, but for anything more than a basic website – and definitely for anything professional – you’ll wanted self hosted WordPress.

The additional flexibility of self-hosted WordPress gives you full control over your website – including being able to install any WordPress theme.

Getting WordPress set up

What do you need to get your self-hosted WordPress site set up? Not much! Just set aside an hour and you should be able to handle everything.

The first things you need are website hosting and a domain name. Website hosting is just somewhere to store your website and a domain name is just a website address for people to go to.

There are tons of hosting and domain name providers to choose from, but  recommended is Go Daddy. Here you can opt for your hosting space according to your need depending upon number of pages/post you suppose to put at your wordpress website. You can choose and book a suitable domain name [website name] from Go Daddy at very competitive price. Stay rest for their services, they supposed to be the best service providers in the industry.

Once you get your hosting space, you need to point the domain Name Servers at your hosting space Name Servers. Your domain name gets propagated to your Hosting Servers within 48 hours.

Meanwhile, you can install WordPress in a couple of clicks. We’ve even got a video tutorial walking you through the whole thing.

The Video shows the way to install wordpress at your local computer. You can use the FTP Client to install the same at your web server.

Purchase a year of hosting, check out the video and get WordPress installed.

Next steps
How to customize your wordpress website using WordPress CMS

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