Top Using SEO Writing Tools

With so many guidelines and different techniques, it’s no wonder many companies scour the Internet for SEO strategies that can improve their websites’ visibility on the web. There are a number of SEO writing tools that can help you check the elements of your articles and web content. What’s even greater is that most of these tools are absolutely free.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner
Google’s AdWords offers Keyword Planner, a new SEO writing tool that combines the features of its old Keyword Tool and its Traffic estimator. AdWords Keyword Planner helps you find keyword ideas for your target words or phrases. It also has a feature that lets you multiply — that is, combine — several lists of keywords to create new keywords. It’s a great SEO writing tool that allows you to do keyword research; and it’s free!

Stuck with poor keyword ideas? Übersuggest is a free online SEO tool that you can use to ignite a spark of creativity and come up with great keyword suggestions to assist you with your keyword research. Übersuggest takes your base term, adds a letter in front of it, and extracts suggestions from Google’s predictive search. It returns a large list of queries from its database of commonly searched terms. Übersuggest supports a vast number of global languages. It can obtain keyword suggestions either from regular web search or from specialized categories such as shopping, videos, recipes, news, images and a whole lot seo tools

Keyword Density & LSI

Use this tool to help find semantic relationships with your keywords. It provides a great visual display of related words and the different relationships between them. This is a great tool to assist you with LSI keyword research.

Tagcrowd is a simple SEO writing tool that helps you check the keyword density of your web content by creating a visual text cloud. Simply put in your page’s URL or paste your sample text into the field box, then click Visualize. Once it has created a visual text cloud of your sample text, it shows the frequently used words in your article as big, bold words, while the smaller and lighter words appear only a few times in your sample text.

Duplicate Content

Copyscape is a widely used SEO writing tool that helps SEO writers and website owners check the web for duplicate copies of their content on the Internet. It is especially helpful to keep plagiarized content off your site if you employ outside writers.  All you have to do is to type in your page’s URL in the field box and click Copyscape Search. Or you may post content in the box provided. The tool lists the websites that may have matching content with your page. Although this SEO writing tool is available for free, premium users can get additional features for a price of five cents for every search. Copyscape also offers professional services for a monthly fee that can help you protect your web content from online plagiarism.

Keyword Tracking

ZoomRank allows you to regularly and effortlessly monitor your search engine rankings and local metrics. You can track how multiple keywords are doing day by day, and watch your optimization efforts and SEO writing skills turn into results.