Top SEO Tools: Local Specific Tools


WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder

This is the industry standard tool and it’s awesome. Basically you can drop in your
main kw and city, it will go out and find your competitors and see what citations they
have, rank the citation sources by DA (Domain Authority) and show you which ones
you are missing. This is the tool we use in HOTH Local .

Local SEO Checklist

Nice and easy checklist to make sure you have the bases covered + more.
Rich Snippet Validator (Google)top seo tools
Validate that rich snippets are working on your local site.

Schema Creator

Creates microdata for your local site.

Local SEO Quick Check (Moz)

Quickly check where you stand with citations, duplicates, errors etc.
Free Review Montioring
This will monitor your reviews, and you can track reviews of your competition.

Bluementhals Local Business Category Tool

Cool tool to get all the categories you should be in on Google Places.

Local Citation Audits & Custom Citation Building

Doing Local the right way. No cookie cutter solutions. Every campaign is customized
and researched. As close to push-button local as you can get.

Citation Cleanup Service

If you have incorrect or inconsistent citations, we’ll clean them up for you manually.
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