Top SEO Tools: Backlink Analysis Tools

You can check the backlinks of any site with these tools. I use them for all of the following:

1. Overview of what’s going on with a site (any anomalies etc)

2. Checking for over-optimization

3.Checking competitors to see if they have any good links / trying to jack competitors links

4. Doing general research on domains That all  being said, these 3 tools do about the same thing but each one has strengths &weaknesses.

Here’s what I think about all 3:

1.  Ahrefs– Best at catching backlinks. Most accurate checker.

2. Open Site Explorer– Most commonly used statistics for judging website power or strength, however DA & PA metrics scale with spam so you really need to look at the actual backlinks too.seo tools

3.Majestic- Best for determining websites trust / strength.

MOZ SEO Toolbar

This kick ass little diddy will automatically run stats for you on all the websites you visit and put an overlay in search results if you want.This is the quickest way to check  stats as you’re browsing around.

Moz Bulk Domain Checker for Google Docs

Want to check a bulk group of domains? With this easy tool, you can throw a bunch of domains into a google doc and quickly get the moz DA / PA for them.

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