Top SEO Tools and Reference

With so much to know regarding Search Engine Optimization, here are some important tools and references which can be potentially used  for optimization purpose:

Google Analytics – An excellent tool for gathering data regarding traffic, visitor geographical location, bounce rates and more.

Moz – Another tool used to track your SEO campaign progress delivering important website metrics including link data (internal/external), website ranking, search visibility and more.

Linklicious – A link pinging tool. Use this once you have created blog posts or developed some content to be indexed by Google and other search engines.impotant seo tools

Empire Avenue – A marketing tool where other marketers and entrepreneurs promote their content and websites. The tool is based on an interesting reward system that stimulates marketing efforts in a mutual gain for users.

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TribePro – Another type of marketing community-based tool where users can help each other streamline their marketing efforts by calling upon their peers to stimulate growth and traffic.

Social Analytics Extension (Chrome) – This tool aids you in finding any mentions or links on various Social Media sites regarding your website.

SEO Quake Extension (Chrome) – A very helpful tool when viewing a websites indexing stats, links (internal vs. external), site rankings and website diagnostics.

PageRank Tool – Another web diagnostics tool that aids the SEO specialist in analyzing current and ongoing SEO efforts.

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