Top 5 essential SEO tricks to use

With the meteoric changing of the landscape of Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to stay on top of current tactics and strategy. Here are a few tips to aid the budding SEO Specialist:

Accurate Keyword Targeting

Writing the best content is a key aspect in ranking. But how does one do that? One way to achieve this is by researching what users are looking for and ensuring your content is targeting them.

The two search queries are different but have underlying similarities. Plumbing and Michigan match within each phrase and if your content isn’t written properly, your landing page could end up on the SERPs for the wrong search query.

Proper Keyword Density

Proper keyword density is the fine line between irrelevance and spam. You need to hit that sweet spot: not too little usage and not too much! But what is the proper amount?

The proper amount lies within 3-5% of keyword usage within your content. So that is roughly 3-5 keywords/keyword phrase per every 100 words. Don’t over-saturate your content with keywords or it will be deemed as spam! Likewise, too little keyword usage and your content is irrelevant!essential search engine optimization

Content to HTML/Images Percentages

The ratio of content to HTML is important for SEO purposes because content is what the user gets exposed to and is where they will find the information they are looking for. The key to excellent content is creating with the user in mind.  If the page consists mainly of HTML tags and very little content how useful can this page be to a user?

If you have designed a page that harnesses an infographic to explain a key concept or idea to the user, you must use the alt tag to tell the search engine what is on the page (if the image is complex and requires a significant amount of description to explain clearly, use the longdesc attribute for img tags and supply a link with the full description.). Otherwise the content is deemed to be spam or irrelevant – since robots can’t distinguish the information that is display in an image format.

Using Vimeo or YouTube Video

Vimeo and YouTube are authority websites and creating videos related to your company, service or product and providing a script within the same post or content on your website is a huge boost. Video content is seen as highly important by Google and other search engines (Google owns YouTube now so that explains partly why YouTube links and videos have such an impact.).

Supply a link to your website from your YouTube/Vimeo channel is beneficial for your site rankings as well. When posting your videos on YouTube, be sure to post your website URL where the content is found.

Gripping Authority Site Leverage

Posting quality content that enriches the web and user experience on Authority Websites and providing links that are infused with targeted keywords is a very potent strategy for ranking better as well.

What is an Authority Website? It’s basically a well-trusted website that has been indexed many times and has proven to be an excellent source of information to users either via trends, current events, up to records, etc.

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